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Worldz’s “User Friends” feature is born to offer an increasingly personalized customer experience for your customers

9 September 2020



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Thanks to the brand new Worldz (User Friends) feature, you can personalize communication with your customers and offer a unique customer experience on your e-commerce

The Internet has become a virtual square in which millions of people spend most of their time and within which we are all increasingly connected. Web users are more and more evolved and pay increasing attention to the type of experience they live on the net (user experience) and to those elements capable of making navigation of a site simple and engaging. For this reason, many companies are investing to improve their customer experience, an element that, according to Forrest Research, by 2020 will become central in differentiating the offer of brands.

From this point of view, it is essential to know how to intercept the user’s needs during the various navigation phases and, in the case of an e-commerce, to simplify the path that can lead to the purchase. For this reason Worldz, which has already developed an e-commerce booster capable of personalizing the experience of each user, has chosen to focus once again on the development of innovative elements capable of improving the customer experience for the customers of its partners.

Our software is evolving with the aim of offering consumers a way of interacting that makes the shop you are browsing a familiar and reliable environment. Worldz therefore releases a new feature called User Friends, a module present within our overlay (placed just below the social login buttons) which aims to bring consumers closer to the store, even and above all when the latter is visited for the first time. In fact, this feature is able to show visitors which and how many users have already used the Worldz personalized discount and, if social login has been made, which of these users are already in their circle of friends and followers. So the User Friends, in a first phase communicates to the consumer that there are already hundreds of thousands of users who buy with this service and, subsequently, or after logging in, indicates which friends have already used the discount.

Worldz now has a community of over 200K active users and our goal is to make it clear to any visitor who lands on the site of one of our e-commerce partners that can consider that store reliable, precisely because their own Facebook or Instagram contacts do so, have already chosen and / or have already made purchases with their personalized social discount. This feature is being released for all e-commerce partners for free.

In Worldz we are committed to the construction and development of innovative tools and for this reason we will soon release other new features.

Stay tuned!