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Social Commerce and Customer Reviews: the partnership between Worldz and Net Reviews is born

13 April 2021



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Find out how to transform your e-commerce into social commerce and increase its reliability thanks to the new Worldz & Net Reviews partnership

“Have you ever bought on this site?”, “Is it reliable, in your opinion?”. Are these questions familiar to you? At least once your customers have questioned the reliability of your site, seeking the opinions or reviews of someone who has already made a purchase. In the last year, consumers have redesigned their shopping habits, moving towards online shopping. The increasingly frequent use of e-commerce platforms has significantly affected the digitization rate of users who therefore expect to find performing sites online that meet their needs. Meanwhile, companies are looking for innovative tools that allow them to fully respond to these new needs.

Thanks to the new technological partnership that sees Worldz and Net Reviews as protagonists, navigation revolutions and the shopping experience offered to your customers. By combining the features of the two tech companies, e-commerce companies have the opportunity to trasform your shop online in social commerce and increase its reliability thanks to the reviews of other users.

Net Reviews is the all-in-one system that allows you to manage the collection of customer reviews in the post-purchase phase, thus improving brand reputation and increasing conversion thanks to their visibility on Google (Ads, SERP, Shopping, GMB) . Through their solution, they also offer analysis and statistics, Q&A, centralized management of reviews received on other platforms and the brand new video reviews tool.

Here is the experience that, thanks to this new partnership, is offered to users:

1. If a user intends to make purchases on the shop of an e-commerce partner, he is intercepted by the behavioral overlay of Worldz, an intelligent window that offers him a personalized credit for online shopping and which contains “verified” reviews , left by other users in relation to e-commerce and / or its products;

2. Make a social login (Facebook or Instagram) directly on the shop, thus discovering the value of your personalized social discount;

3. He chooses the products he intends to buy, puts them in the cart and shares them in a social post (Instagram or Facebook) to redeem the discount, which he will find directly at checkout.

Thanks to the new partnership of Worldz and Net Reviews, e-commerce partners will be able to offer their customers useful information to familiarize themselves with the shop and encourage them to complete the purchase. In addition, in this way, companies will have an innovative and complete tool that can trasform shop online in social commerce, support them in acquiring new customers, retain those already acquired and finally increase conversion rates.

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