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Revolutionize the user experience on your e-commerce with Worldz’s Mini Overlay

5 January 2021



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With the new Worldz feature, you improve the user experience of your e-commerce and offer your customers a personalized and engaging navigation

Through a website, a company has the opportunity to make consumers aware of its products and identity. We could therefore speak of a real business card. Considering that the current scenario has favored the birth of many e-commerce, many companies are increasingly focusing on elements such as innovation and customer loyalty. In order to achieve such goals, it is important to focus on the consumer, around whom the growth and affirmation of a brand revolve. Users have an ever clearer vision of what they want to find online and the user experience they are offered certainly falls into that.

In fact, digitization has not only affected companies, but also consumers who therefore want to interface with a site that is practical to use, fast, responsive and, why not, also with original content capable of capturing their attention. For this reason, brands invest in improving their user experience (UX), seeking cutting-edge strategies capable of satisfying the expectations of users who have chosen their e-commerce.

Worldz is a company constantly committed to improving its technological services, especially in light of the particular phenomena that are characterizing the current scenario: the evolution of consumer purchasing behavior and the affirmation of e-commerce among the primary channels of purchase. With the latest features already released, User Friends and Social Product, we wanted to offer our e-commerce partners a solution that is increasingly able to integrate social features on their platforms. We had anticipated that there would be other news and for this reason we want to present the latest new entry from Worldz: the Mini-Overlay .

It is a smart mini-window that allows you to receive live information about a shop while visiting it. If a user browses one of our e-commerce partners, showing uncertainty between the pages and the products, a small responsive box will open that can keep him engaged to guide him and accompany him along the purchase funnel. The information provided may be different based on the most interesting data that can be communicated to the user. In fact, the Mini-Overlay can indicate: 1. how many people are visiting the site in the last minutes, 2. how many are sharing a product on social media, 3. how many are buying on the shop, 4. how many are making a social login to get a personalized discount; 5. how many have already used a Worldz discount .

With the many features of Worldz, you strengthen and enhance the online presence of your e-commerce.