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E-commerce: why it can’t be a one man show

6 February 2023



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All you need to know to run your e-commerce in the best way

E-commerce is springing up all over the world. It’s a fact. People are slowly moving all kinds of purchases on the web. At first the purchase of clothes and accessories, then appliances and now also food shopping and day-by-day purchases.

The question is: does buying online guarantee the same experience on any digital shop? The answer is no. Leaving aside everything concerning logistics, returns and product quality, let’s focus on the Shopping Experience that we have on the various websites.

How many times does it happen to browse an e-commerce and not be able to complete an operation because something doesn’t work, it’s not clear, it doesn’t allow us to complete the purchase. Unfortunately, often. This is because building and maintaining a fully functional platform is not child’s play, it cannot be improvised.

The management of an e-commerce requires a series of professional skills, from knowledge of the product to sales, from marketing to IT, and so on. This cannot be ignored.

Anyone who already knows Worldz, our e-commerce plugin that maximizes sales performance by allowing users to pay with a social post, already knows that even our technology, to function at its best, requires a technically performing platform. You cannot increase the sales of a shop on which the checkout does not work, to give a basic example.

That’s why we are pleased to tell you about our newest partner, Grinteq. If you have an e-commerce and are looking for an extremely competent ally who can support you in that long and complex journey which is the creation, management or growth of an e-commerce platform, the following lines may be of particular interest to you.

Grinteq is a first-class boutique ecommerce agency uniting a team of senior certified software developers, architects, UI/UX designers, and quality assurance engineers. Its deep tech expertise helps brands stand out in the competitive e-commerce market and offer their customers a well-designed and stable online experience

Founded in 2016, Grinteq has supported 50+ Retail businesses, agencies, and E-commerce Product companies – like Openmind, Square – across Europe, USA and Canada. They can join at any stage of the Software Development Lifecycle: either delivering an entire project or providing a team of dedicated developers working for clients as part of the in-house engineering department.

A wide range of their tech stack includes Salesforce ecosystem, Adobe Commerce (Magento), Shopify and Shopify+, Webflow, and WordPress expertise; PHP, JavaScript, C/C++, C#, Objective C, Swift, Typescript, Kotlin, Ruby, React, Vue.js, Angular, jQuery, Node.js, Laravel, Ruby on Rails, .NET, and others.

What Grinteq can help you with:

  • tech consulting within the E-commerce ecosystem + code audit
  • full-cycle online store design and build (Front-end, Back-end; web / PWA / mobile development)
  • your webstore maintenance (optimization and system updates)
  • e-commerce platform migration
  • marketplace integrations
  • plugin/cartridge development

and more.

If you are curious to know more just check their presentation HERE or their website HERE