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WOM Marketing: why it’s important for your e-commerce

22 March 2022



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With Worldz automate the WOM marketing for your digital shop

One of the essential needs of every Brand is to increase the number of customers. Among the different marketing levers, WOM Marketing is one of the most valuable in terms of sales and conversions, because it focuses on the advice of those who have already tried the products or services offered by the Brand.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing has strengthened in the last two years because Consumer Sentiment has changed: they want Brand promises to be supported by concrete evidence. This is supported by a study conducted by Podium according to which, 93% of consumers surveyed say that online reviews have influenced their purchase decisions. So, how can we boost online word of mouth and engage satisfied customers, strengthening the brand-customer relationship and the trust of new prospects?

    If your customers’ experience is negative, your Brand will not be recommended to others. So hopefully your users will be so excited about their Shopping Experience that they will take the opportunity to share it with their friends. But be careful: no one likes to take an action without receiving a benefit, and your target audience may respond better if they are offered a Reward.
    Social Media is an important touchpoint in connecting Brands and Consumers, and if you’re not including it in your strategy, you may be missing out. Especially today, with the advent of Social Commerce, which will be an important part of how shoppers shop in the near future. After all, Social Media is all about sharing what people like.
    By involving your satisfied customers in your communication strategy, you can build a trusting relationship with them, where they support your business while being encouraged to share feedback.

To automate WOM marketing, you need software that can support you. Worldz is what you’re looking for:

  • With Worldz, you return a customized credit to the user based on their social popularity, in exchange for a post that talks about your Brand;
  • Social Posts shared by users on their feeds give more visibility to your e-commerce: the more customers share your Brand on social networks, the more users will know and reach your shop with a simple click;
  • Finally, with Worldz you make your customers protagonists and allies in your business communication

With Worldz you automate the online word of mouth for your digital shop. Contact us to request a free demo now.