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Trust and loyalty: two fundamental aspects of the Brand-Customer relationship

17 May 2022



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With Worldz you can build trust and maintain your customers’ loyalty 

Trust and loyalty go hand in hand in any type of relationship and it is no different when it comes to a Brand-Customer relationship. According to an Endelman Report, trusting a Brand is a determining factor in purchasing decisions and 68% of respondents say that the element of trust has become much more important over the years. 

Trust and loyalty are two sides of the same coin: when a customer loses trust, he automatically loses the feeling of loyalty, which is difficult to regain. How do you win the trust of your customers? How is it lost? What can be the strategies to regain it? Let’s find out together.

1. Protect consumer data
Data security is a big concern for customers. Consumers want to be sure that their data is safe. Access to consumer data is a privilege and brands must treat it as such. For example, offering tangible value to customers who choose to share their data can be a right strategy to make customers feel protected and valued.

2. Spread relevant messages
The value a Brand provides to a customer starts with a thorough understanding of the customer and their needs. The latter expects to be recognised as an individual with specific needs and preferences. It is important to create hyper-personalized and contextually relevant communications.

3. Feed your social media presence
If you have a visible presence on Social Media, where customers can feel comfortable giving feedback, the user can perceive that the Brand cares about their Sentiment.

With Worldz you can build trust with your customers and gain their loyalty:

  • through the integration of a Social Login on your shop, customers will share their information with you in exchange for a Reward. You can use this data for GDPR-compliant activities such as optimising and personalising your remarketing campaigns;
  • with Worldz you can offer personalized purchase recommendations for each user thanks to a Recommendation Engine that proposes the most popular products on social networks to each consumer;
  • finally, by encouraging word-of-mouth on social media among your customers, you will gain more visibility among the contact circles of consumers who shop in your shop.

Build and maintain the trust of your customers. Contact us for a free demo.