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Shopping experience: from Customer Journey to Life Journey

24 May 2022



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With Worldz you add value to your consumers’ online experience

Customer Experience (CX) in 2022 is at the top of every Merchant’s priorities as attracting and keeping loyal customers is more important than ever. However, this can only be achieved by truly understanding what digital users need.

The key is to look beyond the normal Customer Journey to see how value can be added to the “Life Journey” of each individual consumer. Therefore, Brands, in order to give their customers added value, need to build on some key trends to improve the online experience they offer.

  1. Avoid digital discomfort
    Consumers’ shopping habits have shifted in favour of e-commerce and even the most reluctant have converted. This has led users to raise expectations, in terms of performance, towards digital platforms, assuming zero tolerance towards all inconveniences. Even if you believe you are offering an efficient and frictionless Shopping Experience, you need to challenge every interaction with your users to constantly improve the Customer Experience.
  2. Encourage Artificial Serendipity
    Until third-party cookies are permanently decommissioned, brands will continue to invest huge amounts of time, money and effort to enable their customers to find products tailored to them and build ad-hoc experiences. Adding to the cookie apocalypse is also a paradox: the magic of discovering the right product, at the right time, seems to be slowly dying out. Today, customers find joy in seemingly randomly discovering certain products and being introduced to unfamiliar Brands. We speak of Artificial Serendipity, introduced by research from the University of Sydney, the University of Florida and Rutgers University, which is driving the success of many Brands.
  3. Promote shared interest
    Customer loyalty is a constant goal. A great opportunity is to make customers part of the Company’s journey. For example, you can involve them in your communication strategy by incentivising them to share their Experience in exchange for a Reward. In this way, in addition to turning the customer into a Brand Lover, you can build a relationship based on long-term trust.

With Worldz as your partner you can pursue these 3 goals and make your online shop stand out in an ever-changing landscape:

  • our software communicates with each user with personalised messages that appear within an intelligent window that, thanks to Machine Learning, understands the most correct moment to open, based on the type of navigation of the consumer. This helps the consumer to familiarise himself with the shop and continue along the purchase funnel without interruption;

  • in the suggested products section of the Worldz smart window, the user can discover the most popular ones in terms of purchases, views and sharing on social networks. In addition, the software incentivises consumers to share their chosen products on social in exchange for a Reward. Both of these actions foster Artificial Serendipity by encouraging the discovery of new brands and items both in your shop and on social networks;

  • thanks to an integrated Social Login on your shop, the user discovers the economic value associated with his social post, based on the popularity of his profile, and if he shares the product he intends to buy, he can use this credit to complete the purchase. In this way, customers are involved in your communication strategy and turned into real Brand Lovers.

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