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Customer values, what role do they play in the purchase decision?

7 June 2022



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With Worldz you create a deeper Brand – consumer relationship

The survival of today’s retailers depends on many factors, but in an era when consumers believe that most brands are ” easily replaceable,” meeting consumer expectations plays a key role. Understanding consumer values can be beneficial to Merchants because purchase often occurs as a result of an emotional response. With data analysis, a strategy can be structured to humanize the customer experience and build a personalized Customer Journey. According to a PayPal study, the core values for attracting consumer attention and engagement are safety, experience and loyalty.

  1. Buying experience is key
    The Customer Journey is important, and if Merchants do not provide an effective buying experience, they risk losing sales and customer trust. Therefore, there is a need to create a frictionless buying experience, involving all digital touch points, in order to be present at the most important touchpoints.
  2. The importance of alternative payment methods
    When shoppers make a purchase, they want to find familiar elements they have interacted with in the past. For example, offering different payment methods allows you to go with customers’ buying habits. In order to attract as many customers as possible, it is essential to offer a wide range of payment methods in order to give the user the opportunity to choose the preferred one with which to complete the purchase.
  3. Loyalty beyond the single purchase
    The value of a loyal customer is extremely high. From repeat purchases to online word of mouth: you could almost consider a satisfied customer the best advertisement you can get. For this reason, it is useful to maximize customer loyalty by involving them, for example, in dedicated loyalty programs.

Today’s buyers no longer want a transaction, but a relationship. With Worldz you create a connection with your customers that will allow you to make a difference, helping to increase sales, create loyalty and promote the Brand. With Worldz you can:

  • Ensure a customized buying experience that accompanies the user throughout the funnel with messages and information tailored to their profile and browsing type;

  • Offer an alternative payment method that allows the customer to pay part of the amount with a social post. Worldz, in fact, calculates the economic value of a user’s next post (on Facebook or Instagram), based on profile engagement, and makes it available to the consumer to finalize the purchase in exchange for a social content that makes online word-of-mouth about the chosen product

  • Finally, with Worldz you automate the trust and online word-of-mouth of your satisfied customers by empowering them to share a post about you in exchange for an economic reward that recognizes and values the customer.

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