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Social Commerce is a trend you can no longer ignore

25 January 2022



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 With Worldz you can transform your e-commerce into Social Commerce in just a few clicks.

One of the main e-commerce trends of 2022 is Social Commerce, i.e. the convergence of e-commerce and social media. It’s no coincidence that, according to Sprout social research, 79% of brands intend to invest in this area over the next three years as 74% of consumers now rely on social networks to guide their purchasing decisions.

While social media has become an integral part of almost every stage of the purchase journey, from awareness to advocacy, one critical step had been overlooked: the purchase itself. This is why social media platforms have spent the last few years introducing more purchasing functionality. Even today, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and TikTok have all announced new commerce features or are testing them for a future launch. However, this kind of evolution requires Retailers to move sales activities from their own platform to a third party platform, which will necessarily come between the retailer and the consumer.

It is worth reflecting on this point. Before turning your social accounts into something whose sole purpose is to increase sales, you must remember that it is customer knowledge and engagement that leads to sales, and to create a Brand-customer relationship, you must build an online community, analyse data and interact with customers in a personal way. Suggestions, discounts and relevant content are all ways to build and strengthen this bond.

With Worldz you can integrate social directly into your platform, turning your e-commerce into a Social Commerce and keeping control of your sales process. By installing Worldz on your e-commerce, you allow users to:

1. Log in socially, via Facebook or Instagram and get a personalised shopping credit, proportional to social popularity. To get social credit, users just need to share a post about their chosen product, increasing online word of mouth for your shop and boosting social proof, i.e. spontaneous content that increases trust in your shop. Consumers are much more likely to trust the experience of other users and have a greater incentive to buy the products chosen by their circle of contacts.

2. Find out who in your social circle of contacts has already made purchases, thus creating a real community of reference and discovering the products in your shop that have been most purchased, viewed or shared by your friends and followers.

Transform your e-commerce into a Social Commerce with Worldz. Contact us for your free demo.