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Digital shops: why it is essential to offer a tailor-made shopping experience

20 April 2021



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Creating a personalized shopping experience is a priority for companies that decide to focus on e-commerce. Worldz can be your winning weapon

The use of e-commerce has become more conscious on the part of consumers, who appreciate the advantages offered in terms of time savings, travel budgets and, why not, the stress associated with research. It is now clear to everyone that the increasingly frequent approach to online shopping has also influenced the growth of expectations: in fact, customers have very clear ideas about the shopping experience they want to find online.

Some companies mistakenly believe that digital is in itself a sufficient tool for their online success. On the other hand, a deeper understanding of consumer expectations is essential. Some data show that out of a sample of about 2,000 consumers, 90% expect online shopping experience to be the same or better than the in-store experience, but 50% of customers say they often encounter at least one problem when shopping online.

Customer dissatisfaction very often depends on the site with which it interfaces: it is not enough that it is aesthetically beautiful but above all it must be easily navigable, clear and correctly visible from any device (including mobile). The absence of certain features can make it difficult for users to search for products or information within the same platform. Suffice it to say that 42% of respondents state precisely this and that is that the search for information is the most common problem they encounter online.

Therefore, by providing users with suitable tools to guarantee them a pleasant shopping experience, companies would reap many benefits both in terms of reducing cart abandonment and conversion rates. Furthermore, it is increasingly necessary to focus on personalization, offering shopping experiences that are relevant to the different target users and able to make a difference.

With Worldz, you can revolutionize the shopping experience on your e-commerce, engaging and accompanying the user along the purchase funnel. Thanks to our innovative software, the user will be able to log in and receive instant shopping credit based on their social popularity. He will also be able to discover a series of useful information to guide him and encourage him to finalize the purchase.

The social login within the Worldz overlay entails an advantage for the customer but also for the e-commerce partner who will be able to profile users and collect personal data useful for optimizing its digital marketing activities.

All you have to do is request your free demo, contact us.