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Omnichannel strategy: why it’s important for your business

29 December 2020



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The increasingly frequent use of digital channels has led many companies to rethink their business models, with a view to omnichannel.

With the main objective of putting the consumer at the center of the sales process, through omnichannel the brands are able to create a strongly linked system through which consumers are allowed to enjoy the same experience on multiple purchase channels (online and offline) that the company has. The primary benefit of this approach? definitely the acquisition of new customers, as the presence on multiple channels offers the possibility to approach and involve new targets. “Omnichannel customers” are considered strategic as it was found that for each additional channel used, consumers spent 9% more in the store than those who only used one channel (Source: Harward Business Review).

Despite this, the realities that have developed a “mature” approach to omnichannel in recent months are still quite small: less than 40% of the companies analyzed have a structured approach to omnichannel and data-driven marketing , only 1 out of 4 to omnichannel customer care (Source: Omnichannel Customer Experience Observatory). Until a few years ago, the physical store was the place where the entire purchase process took place, from the product test to the eventual purchase. With the emergence of e-commerce platforms, more and more consumers have begun to approach this sales channel, perhaps trying the product in the store but eventually buying it online or discovering it online and then buying it in the store. For this reason, an omnichannel approach is today of fundamental importance for a retailer, as in this way it can guarantee a specific and satisfying shopping experience for the customer, both online and offline.

In order to therefore be able to offer the customer this “continuity” in the purchasing process, companies are slowly adopting strategies and tools capable of facilitating it. In this context, Worldz technology was born, an e-commerce software that, thanks to its behavioral overlays, accompanies the user throughout the purchase funnel within your e-commerce, involving him and thus causing an increase in purchase conversions. Furthermore, Worldz gives you the possibility to offer consumers a personalized discount, proportional to their social popularity, in exchange for a social sharing that tells the product purchased, thus offering the opportunity to create an organic and positive word of mouth on social networks. network and an authentic brand-customer relationship.