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User Generated Content becomes central to business strategies

23 February 2021



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The user generated content is an alternative – more engaging and performing – to content produced by well-known influencers: find out how to transform your customers into brand lover with Worldz

2020 was a year of change and innovation for companies. Many realities realized how obsolete their marketing strategies were and that the sudden change in consumer habits needed to be supported with new tools. With limited customer contact and physical shops openings, businesses have had to experiment with new ways to stay connected with their customers. They have invested in e-commerce, creating and / or implementing their own platforms in order to offer a simple yet personalized shopping experience, as similar as possible to that experienced in the store.

The need of consumers to feel part of a community, dictated by the historical moment, has positively contributed to the affirmation of some marketing tools: among these there are user generated content (UGC), i.e. media content created and spontaneously shared by users on social. Companies have understood how strategic these contents are, precisely because they are authentic. 70% of consumers trust user generated content more than standard content produced by the company itself or by influencers. In 2021, UGCs will be central to the marketing strategies of many companies, intent on increasing their brand awareness and at the same time building solid brand-customer relationships.

The interaction between users that derives from these contents helps to make the product – and consequently the brand – more reliable as it is recommended by someone “close”. These are users who have spontaneously decided to buy that product and whose review is based on real use and on the real buying experience, lived within that site. It therefore becomes interesting to find new ways to encourage customers to share their experience, for example through a customization of the purchase funnel or by offering benefits and discounts in exchange.

Thanks to Worldz technology, every e-commerce can transform its customers into brand lover, offering them a personalized discount in exchange for sharing on their social channels (Facebook or Instagram). Once Worldz is installed on an e-commerce, each user can share the shopping experience or the product purchased with a click and redeem his personalized discount, proportional to the social popularity, directly in the cart. This type of content offers the company the opportunity to retain its customers who will in turn influence new ones thanks to online word of mouth, thus leading to an increase in purchase and sales conversions.