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The success of micro influencers! The COVID-19 emergency is redesigning one of the new trends in influencer marketing 2020

6 April 2020



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Turn your users into micro influencers. Like? With Worldz, a software that allows your users to get a personalized discount in exchange for sharing their purchases on social networks.

The Covid-19 emergency has changed many aspects of life in a few months, also redesigning the concept of influencer marketing and moving it more and more towards a new trend, namely that of micro influencers.

In Italy, the spread of the COVID-19 emergency has significantly influenced the habits and lifestyles of millions of citizens. No cinema, no dinners out in favorite restaurants, no outdoor activities and obviously no travel. According to Gfk experts, the lockdown linked to the health emergency has also brought about a change in terms of media consumption: Italians are increasingly looking for breaking news and positive and entertaining content.

Social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok have recorded an increase in the number of visits equal to 31% (in the weeks from 9 to 22 March 2020) and are proving, even in these circumstances, their potential and their dissemination power. Social aperitifs were born, applause coordinated from balconies all over Italy, graduations via Skype and birthday parties via app, which allow us to stay in touch with friends, family and above all with our interests.

Nothing more than these days makes us understand the potential of influencer marketing and social media in general. The Coronavirus quarantine is rewriting everyone’s daily life, including influencers who use their popularity to promote fundraising and raise awareness among their followers. According to Blogmeter’s analysis, it is the most used hashtag with about 131.5k of citations, reflecting how solidarity and the need to stand up against the health emergency emerged on social networks. their communication at the moment, using content that can give users moments of leisure and escape from the usual routine.

According to a survey conducted by Pulse on 150 Italian influencers, divided between macro influencers (i.e. with more than 100k followers) and micro influencers (below 100k followers), the top engaging contents are undoubtedly those relating to cooking and fitness. Cooking is the activity in which we delight most with the aim of trying new recipes and sharing the preparation with their followers. Following the workouts, carried out in livestream or via IGTV, thus allowing users to be able to carry them out compatibly with their commitments. There is certainly no lack of advice on what to read, on which series or film to see or on which products to use for a perfect beauty routine.

In the exploding phase of the health crisis, interactions generated by influencers accounted for 26% of the total on Facebook, while 53% on Instagram, with an increase in views of around 21%. The type of communication also changes and adapts, destined to become individual and no longer collective, having to adapt one’s habits and contents to the home environment.

One of the trends that is gradually establishing itself for influencer marketing and that could characterize it in the post-COVID-19 phase is that of micro influencers. One of the effects of the Coronavirus is to have contributed to further emerge this new type of communicators (musicians, dancers, teachers, cooks and personal trainers) who put their everyday life at the center, telling it with a simple and realistic language that allows them to establish a genuine and authentic relationship with your contacts.

This kind of content helps to give users the perception that providing that advice or talking to him is a friend or someone not so far from his reality, as is the case in traditional influencer marketing. Worldz is based on this concept, i.e. on the importance of the direct experience of someone close to us, a startup that thanks to its software is able to transform users into real ambassadors on social networks, regarding products and brands that really choose and buy.

Worldz is an e-Commerce software able to engage users and entice them to complete the purchase through a personalized discount, calculated on the basis of their social popularity. Once landed on the favorite online shop, the user will have to log in to their Facebook or Instagram profile through the Worldz overlay, find out the economic value associated with their popularity, and share the shopping experience on their social profile to automatically unlock the discount in the cart. If the user decides to abandon the cart, Worldz will contact him via email and / or Facebook push notification reminding him of his personalized discount and the products in the cart.

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