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User Experience: 3 steps to increase sales

8 February 2022



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With Worldz customize the User Experience of your digital shop and increase the Conversion Rate

The User Experience (UX) is like the business card of your digital shop and affects the Conversion Rate (CR) of your platform. When a user lands on your e-commerce, if the browsing experience does not meet expectations, you run the risk of not converting them and losing their interest. 

So, what are the features your digital shop should have in order to equip itself with a UX capable of meeting consumer expectations?

    Call To Action are very easy to implement and digital shops can benefit greatly from them. Call to action can also be simply a text or a button that directs the user to what they should do at that precise moment. A well-designed CTA can create the conditions for purchase and convert clicks into sales.
    In a competitive scenario it can be strategic to offer incentives to customers, such as discounts accompanied by a gamification mechanism, which offers an advantage in exchange for a user action, a sort of non-economic exchange between customer and Brand. This method is very useful for increasing conversion rates and attracting potential customers, putting you ahead of your competitors. 
    People connect more easily with other people than with a company, so you need to humanize the Brand through content from real people and their stories built around your product. This way you can add an element of trust to your website. A winning strategy, in fact, is to encourage your customers to share content about the products they have purchased because this brings the company much closer to the consumer.

With Worldz, our innovative software for e-commerce, you can make the experience offered to digital users unique, responding to their needs and engaging them through social networks. 

  • Thanks to our Behavioral Overlay, an intelligent window that communicates with the user through personalized messages, you can accompany the navigation of each customer step by step from discovery to purchase, through clear and well-defined CTAs.

  • Moreover, thanks to an integrated social login on your shop, you can offer to each user a tangible benefit. Each user is in fact offered a personalized social credit, proportional to the social popularity of each, in exchange for sharing the chosen product on his Facebook or Instagram profile. He will thus get a reward while the post he will share will trigger positive word of mouth among his circles of contacts.

  • Finally, our software allows social login users to discover who among their social circles has already made purchases with a social credit, shared or viewed one of your products, humanizing the Brand and making the digital experience more engaging.

Customize the UX of your digital shop now. Contact us for your free demo.