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What are the aspects to take care of for an efficient User Experience?

24 August 2021



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Find out how you can offer an engaging and totally personalized User Experience on your e-commerce with Worldz

More and more users are approaching online shopping every day, appreciating the savings in terms of time, money and the great variety of products. The potential customer who lands on your e-commerce often has high expectations in terms of User Experience and, by satisfying this need, you can establish a solid and lasting relationship with him.

Today, for example, companies cannot afford to have a site that is not intuitive or difficult to navigate, to improve the shopping experience offered on your online shop it is advisable to identify all those factors that can interrupt or disturb it in order to solve them.

  1. Navigability of the website
    If the user cannot find the product they are looking for or the payment process is complex, they may decide to leave that site, interrupting the purchase funnel. It is important that the user, in a few simple clicks, is able to navigate to complete the purchase. With the Worldz Overlay, an intelligent dialog box, users interact with an interface that communicates with them with personalized messages and useful information to guide them, step by step, during navigation.
  2. Reliability of the Brand
    Being able to establish a relationship of trust with your customers is one of the factors behind the success of an e-commerce. It is essential that the company is able, on the one hand, to reduce the initial distrust of consumers and, on the other, to maintain the trust of its customers. The presence of reviews or feedback from users who are already customers is useful for building trust in the Brand. Thanks to Worldz, e-commerce can make their own satisfied customers protagonists, transforming them into brand lovers who share purchases on their social profiles, obtaining in exchange a personalized credit for online shopping.
  3. Shopping Funnel
    The customer’s shopping experience can be improved by facilitating the checkout process and / or the recognition of economic incentives. In fact, more and more users tend to abandon their carts precisely because of the interaction with a complex checkout. For this it is necessary to adopt tools that simplify the payment process by making it fast, intuitive and also offering new payment options. With Worldz you can reduce “abandoned carts”, both thanks to the interaction between the user and the intelligent dialog box that guides him to checkout, and through the incentive of an immediate and personalized credit to complete the purchase, in change of a social post that talks about the chosen product and that generates a social word of mouth for you.
  4. Poor customization
    In order to engage the right target of users, it is essential to invest in the personalization of the contents of your shop. By installing Worldz, companies have a dedicated panel, from which they can customize the interface, for example by modifying texts and images aimed at users. Furthermore, through the Worldz dashboard, they will be able to profile their traffic and download the personal data of their profiled customers, in order to obtain useful information for optimizing their communications and online marketing activities.

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