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The e-commerce era is already here: discover how to prepare for the future of online business

3 May 2022



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With Worldz you can prepare your e-commerce for the future of online business

The e-commerce era is here: a combination of consumer changes, coupled with the urgency to diversify revenue streams, has led Merchants to become increasingly interested in the potential of online platforms.The surge in e-commerce over the last two years seems to be a trend that will only grow in importance: according to GroupM, e-commerce will amount to $7 trillion in terms of annual sales by 2024.

This is why Merchants can successfully benefit from the potential of e-commerce by following some key Best Practices:

    Merchants are tasked with creating a pleasant and frictionless Shopping Experience. Consumers must be put in a position to finish their purchases in as few steps as possible. A frictionless experience includes intuitive navigation, product availability and above all simplicity and speed at the checkout and payment stage. By reducing these friction points you can increase conversion rates and cart abandonment.
    The typical user spends almost two and a half hours on Social Networks. Given this level of attention, it’s not surprising that the major Social platforms, along with Brands, are looking to cash in on this phenomenon. There is a lot of inspiration for products to buy on Social Media and users themselves say they use social platforms for this reason. Making social content shoppable, i.e. making the represented products directly purchasable, and integrating social functionalities within e-commerce platforms are two effective actions that lead digital shops into the future of online sales.
    In an effort to attract as many users as possible, it is essential to offer them their preferred payment methods in order to simplify the purchasing process. For this reason, alternative payment methods (APM) are emerging that allow users to use multiple payment options to complete their purchase.

As Merchants evolve their online platforms, they need to integrate useful technology services to optimise their Shopping Experience and performance. In this context, Worldz can be a strategic tool. Why?

  • Thanks to a Social Login integrated directly into the platform, user shares the chosen product on his feed and will find, without friction, in the shopping cart, a credit proportional to his social popularity to be used for his purchase;
  • In addition, in one click it can integrate social functions directly into your platform, transforming your e-commerce into a Social Commerce;
  • Finally, thanks to social sharing, you can allow your shop users to pay for part of the product with a social post and thus use an alternative and innovative payment method.

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