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How to create meaningful relationships with your customers and turn them into brand lovers

21 December 2021



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With Worldz you can make your customers part of your communication strategy

The marketing and advertising sectors are experiencing a moment of change. Influencer marketing is also evolving and brands are finding new ways to turn customers into brand lovers.

While until recently influencers seemed to be the best channel for creating authentic content, the growing awareness that behind that content there are often financial deals with brands is shifting consumers’ attention towards the categories of nano-influencers and ordinary users, who communicate in a more spontaneous and credible way. It is no coincidence that, in the Covid era, influencers generated an engagement rate of just1.21%, while micro-influencers achieved three times that. 

Here, then, are three reasons to involve your customers in your marketing strategy by stimulating and automating online word-of-mouth among those who shop in your digital shop. 

    Ordinary users, unlike influencers, don’t charge a fee for media coverage, just incentivise them to share their shopping experience with a reward. As a result, you can engage more of them, reaching different niches with less investment.
    have become more savvy and feel increasingly removed from the messages conveyed by influencers with large numbers. An average user, on the other hand, is able to build much stronger relationships with their circles of contacts and influence their purchasing decisions because of the proximity they have to these people, with whom they are most likely to share a similar lifestyle and interests.
    Thanks to your customers you can humanize your brand, bringing it closer to the everyday life of your target audience. By involving them in your communication strategy you can build a relationship of trust with them, a personalized and lasting relationship to support your business.

By installing Worldz on your online shop, you can actively involve customers in your communication strategy and turn them into brand lovers. Our software understands the economic value of users’ social profiles and offers them an immediate and personalized credit to complete their purchases. To receive this credit, users simply share their chosen product on their Facebook or Instagram channels, triggering an online word-of-mouth campaign that positively influences new potential customers. In this way, their friends and followers will be able to discover new products through a friend’s suggestion rather than a marketing campaign.

What are you waiting for to involve customers in your communication strategy? Contact us now and discover the Christmas promotion.