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Personalization vs privacy: discover how to balance these two aspects

12 May 2022



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With Worldz you find the right balance between privacy and personalization of the shopping experience

Retail has entered a new era: consumers don’t just choose to buy products but are looking for experiences that bring them closer to their chosen brands. To meet this need, retailers and marketers are tasked with profiling their customers and therefore acquiring data about them. However, consumers have become more reluctant to share their personal information with companies as a result of the increasing focus on data security and privacy.

The tech industry, in response to this new consumer sentiment is moving toward eliminating third-party cookies. Google has announced that it will discontinue their use in its popular Chrome browser by the end of 2023. Apple and Mozilla have already dropped tracking technology in Safari and Firefox, respectively. Apple also introduced a privacy feature called App Tracking Transparency in iOS 14.5, the mobile operating system used by its latest iPhones. Finally, Facebook has deprecated the Advanced Mobile Measurement program, which means that advertisers on the platform receive much less detailed information about users than they used to.

In this scenario a deeply debated issue emerges: on one side, consumers are looking for hyper-personalized experiences but are very careful about the protection of their personal data, as they perceive the targeted actions of a Brand as a form of surveillance, while on the other side Merchants have to find new convincing strategies in order to meet the needs of their customers who expect individualized shopping experiences, without compromising their privacy. The good news for Marketers is that offering a great user experience can be guaranteed even without resorting to the use of third-party browsing data. Getting data directly and transparently from the consumer is not only a great strategy to prepare your business for the future, but also a way to show your customers that you’ve listened to their concerns. Online customers already provide a constant source of feedback on your Brand’s digital experience as they browse your website, plus, according to Accenture, consumers will be willing to share their personal information with Merchants in exchange for some form of incentive.

In this scenario, Worldz can help you overcome this change:

  • thanks to the social login integrated directly on your platform Worldz provides you, for each customer who makes it, a master data useful for your marketing activities;
  • on the other hand the user, in exchange for personal information shared, gets a credit for shopping to be used directly on your platform, proportional to its social popularity;
  • finally, the software is able to communicate with each user in a personalized way, responding to his navigation, in order to accompany him along the purchase funnel until the checkout.

Find the right balance between privacy and personalization. Contact us for your free demo.