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Marketplace: the only solution to increase sales?

27 April 2022



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With Worldz you increase the trust of your shop and make the shopping experience practical directly on your e-commerce platform.

As it is now well known, the Shopping Experience of consumers is much more oriented to digital touch points and these new buying habits are redrawing the priorities of those who sell online. According to some results released by “The State of Marketplace Adoption“, 81% of Italian respondents shop through online Marketplaces. This research offers important insights for Merchants as it highlights how consumer adoption of Marketplace is anything but temporary. 

According to Italian consumers, Marketplaces meet their needs, which can be summarized as trust and convenience. It is precisely trust and convenience that lead power shoppers, i.e. intensive consumers, to buy heavily on large Marketplaces. Marketplaces are not only an advantage for customers, but also for Merchants as they allow them to have a showcase on the most crowded shopping streets 4.0.

  1. Trust
    Just think of the reviews on the product sheets of a large marketplace: it is now a fact that users carefully analyze the experiences of other consumers before making a purchase. Social Proof has a powerful influence on users’ purchase decisions and sometimes, reviews contain information about the product that is not contained in its description.
  2. Practicality
    Turning instead to the issue of practicality, it is appropriate to go a step further and talk about the payment methods offered by Marketplaces. The latter offer payment methods that are suitable for all consumers, allowing them to complete their purchase wherever they are, adapting their business to the payment systems that customers prefer. In addition, at the time of payment, Marketplaces offer the user a single login and a common interface, thus avoiding the user having to re-enter their data at each purchase. The payment gateways offered by online Marketplaces transform the check-out experience into a One Click Experience, allowing the user to purchase conveniently and quickly.

However, to increase trust and convenience, you don’t necessarily have to sell through the big Marketplaces. With Worldz, in fact, you increase the trust of your shop and make the shopping experience practical:

  • By installing Worldz, you integrate social networking features on your online shop and, thanks to the User Friends feature, users who make a social login can find out which friends have already made purchases while, thanks to the Social Products feature, they can discover the most viewed, purchased or shared products on social. These features will help new consumers become familiar with the shop and increase its trustworthiness;
  • In addition, each user who logs in socially will receive an instant shopping credit of a value proportional to the popularity of their profile. This credit can be redeemed in the shopping cart if the user shares the chosen product on his profile. This represents an incentive and an alternative payment method for consumers;
  • Finally, to allow your shop users a streamlined and fast checkout, Worldz will soon release a new feature that allows you to turn the moment of payment into a One Click Experience.

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