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Social proof as a marketing strategy for your e-commerce

21 September 2021



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Find out how social proof can affect online sales and how to put it at the service of your e-commerce with Worldz

In recent years you have surely heard of social proof. But what is it about? Let’s start with a very simple example: if a user is uncertain about a shop or a product, reading the opinions of other customers can encourage him to proceed with the purchase. More and more users, in fact, are choosing to rely on a website already tested and appreciated by others, avoiding those who may have negative reviews or are less known.

If you have an e-commerce, with Worldz you can leverage social proof to increase the sales of your online shop. Thanks to the Worldz Overlay, an intelligent dialog box that displays personalized messages to users based on their navigation, you can accompany each potential customer throughout the purchase funnel, providing them with a customized and simple shopping experience. If the user makes a Social Login with Facebook or Instagram, this window is able to provide a series of additional information about which people in his circle of contacts have already purchased, viewed or shared a product. This is a clear example of social proof and is very effective, decisively influencing purchasing choices.

User Generated Content (UGC) is also a real social proof. In fact, since these are contents created and shared spontaneously by users on social networks, they positively influence the growth of Brand Awareness and the construction of a brand-customer relationship. Thanks to Worldz technology, you can transform customers into brand lover, offering them a personalized credit for their shopping proportional to their popularity on social networks, in exchange for sharing the purchased product on their own channels, activating an online word of mouth that can positively influence new users.

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