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Hyper-personalization: the power of data to support your business

22 February 2022



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With Worldz you can profile your target audience and propose hyper-personalized shopping experiences to your consumers

According to the State of Personalization report, 85% of companies believe they offer personalized shopping experiences, but only 60% of consumers think so, while 45% are willing to abandon a brand if it doesn’t offer a personalized shopping experience.

So how is it possible to put data at the service of digital shops and bridge the gap between consumer expectations and Merchant response?

    It is now well known how fundamental it is to collect, process and interpret all the data produced by the consumer along the purchase funnel: all data that, if read and understood correctly, express a specific user behavior. In fact, by reconstructing his path, it is possible to create for him a shopping experience as personalized as possible. Thanks to technology and the work of algorithms, it is possible to make a selection of products and content designed uniquely for each visitor. In other words, the more personalized content is based on data, the more relevant it becomes to the user and the more effective it is in guiding his or her purchasing choices. At the heart of this evolutionary process are artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics.
    Companies can leverage the information, which they acquire in increasing detail, to show people the items and content they are most likely to be interested in, starting, for example, with a home page that seems designed specifically for each of them. However, the personalized experience cannot end in a series of interactions aimed at purchase, but must take place continuously on a daily basis and based on the real-time behavior of the customer on the platforms. The consumer and their online habits, in fact, continue to evolve over time. 

The bottom line is that Brands that cannot provide true personalization today will lose customers and revenue to those that have established a personalization strategy.

With Worldz, you can offer a hyper-personalized experience to every user in your shop:

  • With built-in social login, you can offer each user an instant, personalized online shopping credit based on their social popularity. The credit is added to the cart if the user shares the chosen product on their Facebook or Instagram profile, incentivizing online word-of-mouth among their circles of contacts. All this while Worldz profiles users for you by returning useful master data to optimize and customize your remarketing campaigns.

  • With Worldz you can also offer personalized purchase recommendations for each user, allowing them to get more information about different products, such as the number of people who have already purchased, viewed or shared them on social networks.

  • Finally, through remarketing actions, our software allows you to automatically send customized reminders via e-mail and Facebook push notification, reminding the user of the products they have viewed on your shop.

Make the shopping experience of your digital shop hyper-personalized. Contact us for your free demo.