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Customer Experience: a strategic aspect for your online shop

18 January 2022



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With Worldz you can personalise the Customer Experience of your shop and guide your customers along the purchase funnel

In the era of e-commerce 3.0, characterised by strong competition, creating, managing and reinforcing the Customer Experience has become a must in order to increase sales volumes and stand out on the digital scene. This is why designing a simple and effective shopping experience plays a key role in increasing sales and keeping up with the competition.

Customer Experience (CX) is a key factor that can determine the success of an e-commerce business. According to PWC research, 32% of consumers say they will turn away from a brand after just one negative experience, while 16% are willing to pay more for products and services that offer an excellent shopping experience. 

So what are the most strategic steps you can take to improve the CX of your online store?

    To improve customer satisfaction you need to analyse how your target customers interact online, what products they like, what pages they visit and more. Use the available data to find out where your customers go and what they do each time they visit your website.
    The key to turning a prospect into a customer is to give them back the “human factor” even in a digital world. Hyper-personalisation is a strategy through which you can offer your customers an experience tailored to individual personas, such as tailor-made promotions or dedicated content that is designed around specific interests or products of interest. 
    To improve the Customer Experience and the resulting trust of users in your shop, it is essential to encourage feedback from those who have already had a buying experience.  To do this, you need to provide customers with the opportunity to easily share their opinion.

By installing Worldz on your ecommerce site, you can encourage word of mouth on social media among your customers, giving them the opportunity to share a social post about your shop in exchange for a personalised online shopping credit. Moreover, thanks to Worldz’s integrated social login, you can profile your shop’s traffic to get useful data for your marketing strategies, while an intelligent window dialogues with your users through personalised messages, useful to accompany them along the purchase funnel and keep them engaged while they are browsing.

Contact us now to improve the Customer Experience of your shop and get your free demo of Worldz.