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Business of Experience: here is the future of the Customer Experience

19 October 2021



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Research from Accenture shows how changing shopping habits are reshaping the concept of Customer Experience

We live in a period in which companies are starting to redesign a growth path. This means rethinking business strategies based on the new needs of consumers. However, many companies struggle to adapt to it, thus creating a gap between customer needs and offer. The Brand – consumer relationship has changed in the last year and a half and, as a result, it is necessary to evolve the Customer Experience offered, especially thanks to the support of technology and digital.

This leads to the need to move from the consolidated concept of Customer Experience to the more advanced one of Business of Experience. A change of perspective that puts the growing need of consumers to share the world of values ​​with the Brand and a unique connection that cannot be replicated by other players at the center of corporate strategies. This would affect the consumer choice decision-making process at a higher level than just a single purchase. A necessary evolution, this, which in the coming years will allow the most advanced companies to gain an advantage over their competitors.

Research by Accenture highlights how companies that design relevant brand experiences for consumers see their profitability increase up to six times more than those that remain anchored to the traditional concept of customer experience. With Worldz it is easy to create a completely innovative Brand experience. In fact, by installing our software on your e-commerce platform, you will be able to communicate with your users along the purchase funnel with personalized and relevant messages, accompanying them to discover the shop and products. Furthermore, thanks to the integration of social functions in the platform, you can offer a unique CX, able to engage the user through a personalized reward and the possibility of discovering which shopping activities are carried out by friends who are in their circles of Facebook contacts and Instagram.

The study also reveals an equally relevant data, namely the lack of systems that allow companies to conduct analyzes on customer behavior, revealing their hidden needs and, at the same time, translating these acquired data into actions that can improve CX. Worldz technology supports companies in collecting data from users who land on the site. The Lead Generation system, in fact, allows companies to obtain more information about their target audience and expand their contact database with personal data useful for remarketing and advertising campaigns.

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