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E-commerce: how are online shopping habits evolving?

5 October 2021



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A Facebook report examines how online shopping habits are changing. Worldz can be your ally in responding to these new needs.

How have consumers’ online shopping habits changed in recent years? What strategies prove to be winning for Brands in order to meet these new needs? It is a fact now the growing predisposition of consumers to online shopping, certainly thanks to the possibility of being able to buy at any time of the day and even comfortably from mobile devices. Although this predisposition, consumers are particularly attentive to specific issues, such as the sharing of their data in exchange for the personalization of the shopping experience. In this regard, 91% of respondents from Facebook say that they expect Brands to take increasingly targeted actions to make clear the use made of their personal data, helping them to feel more comfortable in allowing their use.

The report says that 86% of consumers today require companies to be more transparent regarding the use of their data but at the same time want to receive personalized advice and offers that derive from the use of this data. The offer of personalized content also positively influences the building of a relationship of trust between the company and the customer: in fact, about 69% of online buyers, globally, declare that they feel more connected to those Brands that offer content or offers customized.

With Worldz lead generation, e-commerce partners can track users who land on the site, thus generating targeted leads for their online activities. Through a social login, companies collect customer records which are useful for creating personalized content for consumers and at the same time for optimizing online advertising campaigns. Thanks to the Behavioral Overlay of Worldz, an intelligent dialog box, e-commerce companies provide the user with useful information to guide them along the purchase funnel: from the possibility of obtaining a personalized social credit, to discovering which and how many friends they already have used the Worldz discount or purchased a specific product up to the possibility of suggesting additional or complementary products, before completing the purchase.

Finally, the Facebook report shows how influential the social content of other users relating to a product or the shopping experience is becoming in the choice of purchase. In fact, consumers research and trust the opinions and reviews of those who have bought before them. This is why it is important for companies to incentivize users to share their feedback and experience. Thanks to Worldz, e-commerce can make their own customers protagonists, transforming them into brand lover who share the purchases made on their social profiles, obtaining in exchange a personalized credit for shopping. This type of content (UGC) is able to activate positive word of mouth online, increase Brand Awareness and allow new potential customers to get to know and approach an e-commerce.

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