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Advertising gives way to the Brand/Consumer relationship

12 April 2022



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With Worldz you intercept your target even without third-party cookies

Creating a real relationship with the consumer is becoming the norm, no longer the exception. Today more than ever, marketers must develop strong relationships, at a time of great changes in the online shopping habits of users: just think that in the past year, there has been a 68% increase in online shopping. This increase means that more and more people are interacting with Brands through digital channels, and consumers are demanding relevance and authenticity in the way brands communicate with them.

The context becomes even more complicated in the uncertain cookie landscape: in fact, if until some time ago we could rely on third-party cookies to show relevant communications to users, now marketers must find new strategies to reach and track their users. One of these lies in creating a strong relationship with the consumer and leveraging first-party data.

Treating customers like human beings means knowing them all in great detail. Details like their birthdays or anniversaries, the products they’ve looked at for everyday use or special occasions, the products they’ve purchased online and offline, the reviews they’ve provided or what they’ve left in their cart. Having a person’s proprietary data is an important first step toward personalization.

But beyond proprietary data, when Brands use permissioned proprietary data to create a 1:1 customer experience, they turn advertising into relationship building. Permitted proprietary data is when people consent to data collection, whether through enterprise domains (in-app or on-site) or offline retail outlets. How can this type of data lead to relationship building? Brand can recommend a product, or series of products, based on the “knowledge” of each customer’s preferences and habits that they agree to share with their trusted brand. The Brand can then predict the desires of the moment by combining permitted proprietary data with contextual data and using artificial intelligence-based purchase prediction technology.

With Worldz, you can collect proprietary data by tracking your online shop traffic through the integration of a social login. By installing our software on your e-commerce you will allow each customer to get a personalized credit to finish shopping, proportional to his social popularity, if he shares on his social profile the chosen product. Thanks to this mechanic you will be able to obtain the master data of your customers useful to personalize your communications and optimize your digital advertising campaigns.

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