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Third-party cookies: end of an era or the beginning of a new digital future?

30 March 2022



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Shape your digital future with zero-party data with Worldz

The world of online advertising as we know it was born with third-party cookies, information sent by a website and stored by the browser. This data is primarily used for online advertising through targeting and retargeting. Now we are facing a momentous shift, which we could call the cookie apocalypse.

Big Tech players like Apple, Firefox and Google have already removed, or will remove, cookies from their browsers to move towards privacy friendly horizons and meet the needs of consumers, who have become true privacy activists. As stated in the Cisco 2021 Consumer Privacy Survey, users have come to the point of severing the relationship they had with a company because of concerns related to the processing of personal data. Faced with this scenario, Marketers are at a crossroads: on one hand, they have to find new strategies to collect data in a transparent way towards consumers while on the other hand, alternative solutions to stay in touch and intercept their target audience.

In view of these restrictions, the importance of zero-party data has increased. The latter are data that are collected by Brands on proprietary platforms (and not by third parties such as browsers) and can be exchanged between Brand and consumer within a mutual relationship of trust and exchange: consumers consciously share their details with the expectation of getting something in return, while Brands can profile their audience, while improving loyalty. For example, by introducing Gamification systems, Merchants can engage their audience, offering Rewards following certain consumer actions, while collecting information about their target audience, directly through proprietary cookies.

With Worldz you install on your website a technological tool that can profile the traffic of your e-commerce. Through the integration of a social login on your shop:

  • the consumer will share his personal data and will receive in exchange an immediate credit for shopping, proportional to his social popularity, which can be redeemed if he shares the chosen product in a post;
  • you will get leads in target useful for the expansion of the database of contacts, re-marketing activities and optimization of online advertising campaigns.

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