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With lead generation, SMEs can have an edge

4 May 2021



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Through strategic marketing tools such as lead generation, companies can optimize their campaigns, reduce budget waste and increase purchase conversions.

Digital and the web offer many opportunities to companies that want to successfully promote their online business: from the adoption of a real digital strategy, to lead generation and inbound marketing activities. These marketing activities today prove to be fundamental for optimizing one’s online presence and, for this reason, they are strategic for companies.

It is important to use these tools strategically, planning actions and measuring their results. This is the only way to significantly reduce the possibility of error and consequently the waste of budget, especially by small and medium-sized enterprises. The latter, in fact, show greater attention, compared to large brands, to sales and above all to the results obtained following an investment undertaken. We could therefore say that SMEs focus less on quantity than large brands, but with a lot of attention to the quality of online campaigns.

Sometimes the mistaken belief prevails that greater investment in advertising = greater chance of reaching your target. However, high budgets often lead companies to reach users that are possibly not in target, wasting time and budget. It is therefore more profitable to invest smaller budgets dedicated to particularly targeted and possibly more productive campaigns, able to reach the correct audience and increase conversions.

A winning strategy to know and profile your target is to track the users who visit your e-commerce. How? With Worldz.

Worldz is an e-commerce booster capable of maximizing the performance of e-commerce, increasing their conversions. Lead generation is one of the various features of Worldz.

Through the profiling of their traffic, companies are able to identify users potentially interested and willing to provide some data in exchange for an advantage which, in the case of Worldz, is represented by a personalized credit for online shopping.

The user just needs to make a simple social login to his social profile (Facebook or Instagram) to be granted a personalized credit proportional to his social popularity, while the e-commerce partner will have collected a series of useful information for his activities of marketing.

With the data collected and provided by Worldz, companies can:

  1. enrich your customer database;
  2. have specific information about each user (name, surname, sex, age, birthday and email);
  3. use the personal data also for GDPR compliant email marketing activities, personalized discount codes (eg free gift on birthday), Whatsapp campaigns via telephone number;
  4. have a deeper knowledge of their customers, thus being able to create highly personalized content;
  5. reach a user who has shown interest and thus increase the conversion rates of their marketing campaigns.

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