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The importance of Lead Generation compared to the more generic Facebook Pixel

11 May 2020



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Thanks to the social login, Worldz offers among its activities that of lead generation, that is, it allows you to generate profiled leads and carry out marketing campaigns aimed at specific user targets.

The identification of marketing strategies aimed at attracting the interest of potential customers represents a strategic choice for companies, willing to pursue specific objectives for their business. Among the marketing actions that set this goal, there is certainly the Lead Generation.

What is it about? Lead Generation is the main piece of the so-called conversion funnel or marketing funnel that allows brands to transform a user, potentially interested in a particular product or service, into a customer and thus start a loyalty process.

A user who surfs the Internet and lands on a website could be compared to someone who, walking around, stops in front of a shop window; instead the lead is comparable to someone who crosses the threshold of the store.

In order to initiate this process and take full advantage of it, it is first and foremost essential that companies collect visitor user data. The lead generation system is one of the various features of Worldz, an e-commerce booster capable of maximizing the performance of e-commerce . In this way, Worldz offers its customers the possibility to download – directly from their Dashboard – the data of all users who have landed on the e-commerce and have logged in on Facebook or Instagram, even if they have not then concluded the purchase.

Specifically, the leads tracked by Worldz – relating to users who have logged in on Facebook – include personal and non-personal data, such as: name, surname, gender, age, birthday and email. As for the leads tracked through Instagram login, other specific data are collected such as the Instagram username and telephone number. If the user proceeds by logging in on both social channels, Worldz will collect and merge the data of both platforms, thus composing a single profile and thus offering a complete photograph of the user, based on the data from him. itself provided on the most popular social platforms.

In terms of marketing , leads are very precious elements: in fact they allow you to identify users who are potentially interested and willing to provide some data in exchange for an advantage which, in the case of Worldz, is represented by a discount . In this way it is possible to reach contacts who are at a more advanced stage of the purchase funnel, are more reactive and – in the event of a subsequent contact – easily engaged.

Now you are wondering: why use Worldz rather than the tools offered by other platforms, which would still allow users to be profiled? Platforms such as Facebook, for example, use the so-called Pixel which provides companies with useful information to create more effective Facebook ads, aimed at a personalized audience. In this way, what you get is a potential customer, called a prospect , within an indefinite set, with which therefore a direct connection has not yet been created.

But specifically, how are the leads obtained with Worldz different from the functioning of the Facebook Pixel? Let’s find out together!

  1. As anticipated, the data collected and provided by Worldz enrich the e-commerce user database making it independent of any platform.Instead, the data tracked by the Pixel is not in clear text and can only be used on Facebook which, in fact, does not provide any information on these;
  2. The leads tracked by Worldz contain specific information, user by user. On the other hand, the Facebook tracking pixel does not work in such a capillary way but exclusively on cumulative clusters of users;
  3. Worldz personal data can also be used for activities that go beyond social advertising: for example Google Ads, email marketing, personalized discount codes (e.g. free gift on birthday), Whatsapp campaigns via telephone number;
  4. Again through the data provided by Worldz, it is possible to know and create a correspondence between the user on social networks and the history of his purchases on that specific e-commerce. This data matching allows you to create highly customized content that accompanies the user along the different stages of the funnel. The Facebook pixel, on the other hand, only offers the possibility of tracking the actions, provided by the platform, and consequently a much less personalization;
  5. The leads generated by Worldz increase the conversion rate of Facebook advertising campaigns, lowering the costs associated with it. In this way, it is possible to reach an already profiled audience, which has shown such an interest in voluntarily leaving their data, compared to the indefinite set, reachable with the Facebook pixel.

Did we intrigue you? Then find out more about Worldz and the many benefits it can offer to your e-Commerce.