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User Generated Content: what are the benefits?

24 November 2021



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Automate the production of User Generated Content with Worldz

The type of content that users expect to find online is changing very rapidly, certainly due to the evolution of the web and an increasing use of digital tools. For this reason, contents such as User Generated Content (UGC) are enjoying increasing success and are becoming central to companies’ marketing strategies. The advantages that derive from it are of interest to both consumers and companies, offering the former the possibility of sharing their feedback and the latter the chance to build the loyalty of their customers who can potentially attract new ones thanks to online word of mouth.

So what are the benefits that a Merchant can gain from User Generated Content

  1. Increased confidence
    Consumers search for reviews from other users who have already purchased from a particular online shop. This is why UGC is so successful. Consumers trust reviews and opinions more from those they feel are “close”, i.e. people who have purchased a product and can tell you about their experience. Valuing UGC in your marketing strategy can definitely help improve conversion rates
  1. Word of mouth
    UGC can also have a positive impact on increasing a shop’s traffic. The more people talk and share content related to a brand or a product, the more people will know and reach that company. The word of mouth that comes from this content can lead to tangible results, in terms of retention of existing customers, acquisition of new ones and increased sales.
  1. Loyalty
    Encouraging or even automating the production of UGC among your satisfied customers facilitates the process of customer loyalty. This is because the consumer feels involved with the Brand and sees their opinion and/or content valued. In addition, this mechanism also allows you to create a long-term bond, thanks to the possibility of rewarding the user for his activity, through discounts, benefits or personalized treatments, and to create a common value ground, useful to consolidate the relationship.

With Worldz every e-commerce can turn its customers into brand lovers, offering them a personalized credit for their online shopping, proportional to their popularity on social networks. In order to receive the credit, the user will simply have to share the purchased product on their own channels, activating an online word of mouth able to positively influence new potential customers.

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