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Trustness Marketing: Why is it important for your e-commerce?

12 October 2021



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Find out how to increase the reliability of your e-commerce thanks to Worldz technology

In the era of e-commerce and online shopping, the theme of reviews is acquiring increasing importance. Positive opinions – and equally negative ones – greatly influence the purchase choices of a user who, when choosing what, how and where to make a purchase, will seek and evaluate the feedback of those who have purchased before him. Word of mouth therefore has enormous power, capable of determining, in many cases, the success or failure of a product or service.

The creation of a relationship of trust between the Brand and the consumer is the basis of this great mechanism. For this reason, today Trustness marketing is becoming increasingly popular among the strategies adopted by companies. According to a recent NetReviews report, 92% of consumers consult reviews before making an online purchase, effectively making the impact they have on user behavior total. Therefore, companies too are understanding the importance of reviews, looking for useful tools to incentivize and promote them. Always NetReviews, in fact, found an 11% increase in requests for reviews from brands.

Facilitating a user’s choice and purchase process is advantageous both for the consumer – who can thus save time and complete his purchase peacefully – as well as for the seller – who can therefore witness an increase in purchase conversions and also in volumes of sale. Among other things, users in Italy are much more likely to leave a review on their experience, exceeding the propensity of French and Spanish by 17%.

It is evident how the recommendation of their e-commerce by satisfied users is the best form of advertising that a company can have. For this reason, contents such as User Generated Content (UGC) are becoming more and more central: they are contents generated spontaneously by users in relation to a product or service they have purchased. The winning element lies precisely in the authenticity of these contents, which are considered sincere precisely because they concern a real shopping experience.

With Worldz you can transform your own customers into “Brand Lover”. By installing our software on your e-commerce you will allow each user to obtain a personalized credit to complete the shopping, proportional to their social popularity, if they share the chosen product on their profile. From sharing comes a positive word of mouth among users which allows them to familiarize themselves with the shop and increase trust in the latter. Moreover, thanks to its totally personalized interface that reacts based on the user’s behavior on the site, Worldz provides the user with a series of personalized information: such as which and how many friends and followers of their social circles have already used the Worldz discount or purchased a specific product.

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