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Three Loyalty Strategy actions to build customer loyalty

6 April 2021



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Find out how to build customer loyalty and increase your e-commerce sales with Worldz

Client retention is often an underestimated activity by companies that tend to concentrate more resources and time on acquiring, rather than building customer loyalty. However, in doing so, mistakes can be made. In fact, the acquisition of new customers not only involves a greater economic investment, making it more expensive than maintaining an existing customer, but it is also important to consider how complex it is to “gain the trust again” of a lost customer.
But what does it mean to build customer loyalty? It means establishing a solid and lasting relationship of trust between consumer and company, which induces the first to choose that shop again over the others. To do this, it is important for the company to identify a good customer retention strategy that allows it to maintain a high degree of customer satisfaction . Let’s find out together the three loyalty strategy actions, useful for your e-commerce.

Personalized product recommendations
Thanks to digital, retailers have many tools at their disposal that can support them in collecting customer data . In this way they can learn more about their shopping habits and offer a service in line with specific needs. In fact, 1 in 4 consumers say they would be willing not to make a purchase from a retailer who sends them emails with information that is not relevant to them. These collected data testify to how crucial relevance and personalization are for build customer loyalty. The company can therefore focus on personalizing the shopping experience, for example, suggesting products similar to those already viewed and / or purchased or providing specific information on a product of interest, creating personalized emails and content.

Newsletter and Reviews
How can you convince the customer to make new purchases on their e-commerce, without losing interest in the products offered? The ideal tool is represented by email marketing or in any case all those communications, addressed to customers, on the products they are interested in. The research also shows that to build customer loyalty it is also important to take care of another aspect of brand-customer communication, namely reviews . In fact, nearly 1 in 3 customers (30%) said they are more likely to buy if the online store displays product ratings and reviews from other customers.

In order for there to be a win-win situation in the company-customer relationship, where everyone benefits from an advantage, it is important to incentivize users. This is where discounts and coupon codes come into play, strategic tools to entice the user to complete the purchase. It is especially younger users (aged 16-24) who are more willing to create product reviews and share their purchases on social media in exchange for a discount. It is therefore important to equip yourself with tools that can encourage the sharing of your online shopping experiences, thus letting the customers themselves create a positive word of mouth online.

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