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New Apple protocols: how not to lose data and profile traffic with Worldz

30 November 2021



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With Worldz you can profile your audience and personalize messages

The digital acceleration of the last two years has made the web central to consumers’ buying habits. According to Politecnico di Milano’s B2C E-commerce Observatory, online sales increased by 26% in 2020, and in January 2021 alone they grew by 38.4%.
These changes do not only affect the shopping experience but also and above all the consumer, who is increasingly aware and attentive to the protection of his personal data. More transparency, more rights and more control over their own information: these are the demands of consumer 4.0.

Apple’s response to this new scenario has been to update its operating systems, strengthening the control that users can have in sharing their information online. In fact, this year’s updates allow consumers to choose whether or not to accept data tracking for advertising purposes. However, while the adoption of Apple’s new ATT prompts has addressed some of the needs of consumers, it has also reduced the effectiveness of Merchants’ marketing efforts and the relevance of the communications they can address to their target audiences.

In fact, one of the increasingly central needs of consumers is to receive, from Brands, personalized information, centered on the specific needs and interests of the user, but this result is possible only thanks to the sharing of data and, therefore, to a careful and in-depth knowledge of the customer.

It is here that an important gap emerges: how is it possible to build a customized shopping experience for users if they are reducing the possibility to access their personal data?

Within this scenario, Worldz becomes a strategic tool capable bridging the gap between what consumers demand and what merchants do.

Worldz is an e-commerce software that, if installed on an online shop, allows you to transform it into a Social Commerce in a few clicks. Our tool, in fact, is able to integrate directly into the platform the interactive features of social networks, including a social login able to:

  1. Allowing consumers to log in with Facebook or Instagram and, based on the social popularity of their profile, receive an immediate credit, useful to conclude the shopping in exchange for sharing a social post that contains the chosen product.
  2. Support Merchants in profiling traffic already at an early stage of the funnel, since the login allows you to track user data (first name, last name, gender, date of birth, email and phone number).

Worldz, therefore, can help you solve the conflict between the personalization of the customer experience and the collection and use of personal data: through the social login the user shares his information with the Merchant, obtaining a clear economic advantage and personalized communications.
In return, thanks to social sharing, the Merchant obtains a positive word of mouth online and obtains leads in target useful for the expansion of its database of contacts, remarketing activities and optimization of its online advertising campaigns.

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