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The future of Customer Experience: 10 key trends

8 March 2022



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Skeepers’ new e-book is online! Worldz collaborated to reveal the 10 trends that will dominate the future of CX

Customer Experience, after a pandemic two years now, has undergone a sea change. While the healthcare emergency has accelerated and reinforced some trends, it has also caused new ones to emerge. 

But what are the new trends for Customer Experience in 2022? Together with Skeepers, our technology partner, and others, we collaborated on the new e-book “The Future of Customer Experience: 10 Key Trends” to unveil the 10 trends that will dominate Customer Experience in 2022.

Different topics are touched in the document, but they all head towards the same direction: creating a memorable customer experience in order to increase Customer Satisfaction, Retention and Sales.

In 2022, we are moving from a traditional Customer Journey to a hybrid and fluid one where customers are looking for unique and hyper-personalized experiences. For this reason, tools such as Artificial Intelligence and the collection and analysis of data produced by the consumer along the Customer Journey will be essential to create tailored experiences. Moreover, to continue to offer customers customized experiences and communications, Brands will have to adapt their strategies to a cookie-free way.

What has also changed is the brand-consumer relationship, where consumers are looking for increasingly authentic experiences.

For this reason, brands must leverage Social Proof which, as Worldz Brand Manager Barbara Valentina Grimaldi states, “is an increasingly strategic tool for digital shops. This content benefits both consumers, who have the opportunity to access authentic information about the brands and products they are interested in, and merchants, who have the opportunity to involve satisfied consumers in their communication, strengthening the brand-customer relationship and the trust of new prospects“.

With Worldz you can put Social Proof at the service of your online shop and involve satisfied customers in your communication strategy, turning them into Brand Lovers and creating authentic relationships.

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