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Social Commerce: 3 mistakes you’d better avoid

1 February 2022



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Worldz helps you to make Social Commerce directly on your e-commerce

Social Commerce is a relatively new phenomenon for online shops but it already presents several opportunities to reach new customers, make them more involved and improve their Shopping Experience. This phenomenon will be an important part of the way buyers will purchase in the near future. Just consider that the average time spent on social platforms globally is 142 minutes per day, so social is the optimal place to get in touch with new potential customers and create a long-term relationship with them.

So, what are the mistakes to avoid in a Social Commerce strategy? Let’s discover them together.

    We’ve all been on social media and seen something we wanted to buy, then maybe had a complicated shopping experience. You click the product you want to buy and social directs you to the shop where you have to fill out contact, shipping, billing and payment information, maybe all on a small mobile device. Users expect a quick and easy shopping experience that can be accomplished in just a few clicks. For example, if they learn about a product on their feed, you need to give the user the ability to complete the purchase in a few steps, avoiding compromising the experience or making the user change their mind.
    Many Merchants, in order to greatly simplify the buying process, offer the user the ability to skip the registration process by offering them Guest Checkout. After all, nearly 70% of online shopping carts are abandoned due to hiccups during checkout. However, while this shortens the process, it does not allow the Merchant to profile the audience while forcing the customer to have to re-enter data with every purchase. With Apple and Google phasing out third-party cookies, proprietary data will be critical for retailers when acquiring new buyers and interacting with existing customers. Ideally, they should offer a one-click registration process.
    For retailers, Social Commerce can feel like going into business with a large marketplace: you want the exposure to new potential customers it offers, but you’re wary of giving up your platform. Social is a place where your Brand can easily get lost in an effort to keep checking out on the social platform to reduce moments of friction. Therefore, it’s important to get buyers to check out on your site. Creating a network of shoppers on social is one way to benefit from the visibility of Social Commerce, where customers can discover and interact with your Brand through word of mouth, while maintaining the shopping experience on your platform

With Worldz you transform your e-commerce into a Social Commerce, integrating social features directly into your platform. Thanks to the integrated social login, users can create their account with a one click experience and give you back the possibility to profile your traffic. Meanwhile, they can get a personalized credit in exchange for a social post about their chosen product, triggering online word-of-mouth and offering every intercepted prospect the chance to reach the product page with a simple click. 

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