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50 practical tips for your e-commerce success: a book about Worldz

2 March 2022



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Discover the practical tips to increase the turnover of your shop in the book by Filippo Bacciocchi

The crucial challenge for every Merchant is to optimize the Conversion Rate of their digital shop, which in many cases in Italy is around 1.6%. This is a very low and frequent value, despite the fact that the shop may have a large user base. The question arises spontaneously: “Why doesn’t my e-commerce sell?”. It is from this question that the book of the Digital Marketer Filippo Bacciocchi E-commerce Optimization. 50 practical tips to increase sales“.

The author is a Web Marketing consultant who helps his clients to evolve their online business models and accompany them in the Digital Transformation.

From his experience, Filippo has developed this book to provide Merchants with 50 practical tips to increase the turnover of their digital shop and optimize their e-commerce independently. From CRO to Web Design, from shop optimization for mobile to the power of automation. In the book, in addition to touching and deepening the macro areas hottest, are also suggested essential tools to innovate their platform and engage users. 

Among these is Worldz, which helps to harness the power of online word of mouth in order to increase the conversions of your e-commerce, able to return to the user a personalized credit based on its social popularity, in exchange for a share on Facebook or Instagram.

By implementing our software on your e-commerce you can achieve several benefits including:

  1. Higher Conversions
    The personalized credit offered in exchange for a social login is a strong incentive to purchase for all users who land on your shop.
  2. Increased Brand Awareness
    User Generated Content (UGC) gives greater visibility to your e-commerce: the more people share your Brand on social, the more people will know and reach your shop with a simple click.
  3. Database Building
    With Worldz every e-commerce has the ability to profile its traffic and create its own database. Thanks to the social login, merchants can obtain customer master data (name, surname, sex, date of birth and e-mail) useful for remarketing actions and online advertising campaigns. Also, with the current decay of third-party cookies, proprietary data will be critical to your future business.

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