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Revolutionize the Shopping Experience of your digital store: discover Worldz

11 May 2021



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With Worldz, you can meet your customers’ expectations and offer a totally personalized, simple and intuitive shopping experience

What does it mean for a company today to interact with an increasingly digital consumer? It means being in a position to be able to respond adequately to new purchasing behaviors and new consumption habits. Cutting-edge marketing strategies can be of great support for companies, allowing them to keep up with the times. Users have clearly honed their expectations, also being attentive to the shopping experience offered by brands.

In fact, elements such as the usability of a site, the personalized interface, a simple and fast checkout or even a site that can be easily navigated, even from mobile, are evaluated as priorities. Therefore, the priorities of the same companies change as they seek more innovative ways to involve their target customers. So what should companies invest in to improve interaction with their customers?

  • Personalization

Through personalized communication and online browsing, the company-consumer relationship can be positively influenced, prompting the latter to prefer that specific brand or product over the competition. What customers are looking for, during his shopping experience, is personalized advice on what they intend to buy or what might best suit their needs. With the Behavioral Overlay of Worldz, an intelligent dialog box, users have the possibility to interact with a totally customized interface, which communicates with them accompanying them throughout the purchase funnel with personalized messages, offering them the possibility to carry out the social login to your social profile, to receive a personalized credit (proportional to the social popularity of each user), to know how many people have purchased, shared or simply viewed a product and finally to find out which friends, belonging to his circle of Facebook contacts or Instagram, have already used the service.

  • Conscious collection and use of customer data

To build a solid and lasting customer database, it is important to create a bond of trust between the consumer and the brand, so that the customer can evaluate the latter’s communications as useful and reliable. In this case, it is a priority to have suitable and innovative tools for profiling users who browse our online shop. In this way, the company increases the chances of creating relevant content for its recipient, offering personalized and relevant information. Through Worldz lead generation, e-commerce partners have the ability to profile users who land on their website. Thanks to the social login that is implemented on the platform, the company obtains personal data, useful for email marketing activities (GDPR compliant) and for the optimization of online advertising campaigns.

  • Investment in new technologies

As anticipated, purchasing behaviors have now changed in a more digital perspective, so users continue to use e-commerce platforms to finalize their purchases. Consequently, the number of companies that decide to invest in online platforms is growing exponentially. In such a scenario, it is important to be able to differentiate oneself from competitors. This is possible through the use of innovative technologies which are estimated, in the next 12 months, will be a sector with a significant increase in investments by companies. With Worldz you have a tool that can improve the performance of your online shop and optimize it from a Social Commerce perspective. In a few simple steps, you can install Worldz on your e-commerce and revolutionize the shopping experience offered, engaging and accompanying the user throughout the purchase funnel.

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