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Online trend to stay connected in the post lockdown phase

8 September 2020



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Social commerce and organic influencers are the online trend in which companies are investing the most. Discover all the advantages with Worldz

As in many other countries, even in Italy, e-commerce is experiencing its golden age, being in effect an undisputed online trend. Social distancing and the consequent acceleration towards digitization have certainly been complicit in such an important growth. In fact, never before have millions of users preferred digital channels for their purchases. According to the Digital 2020 report by We are social, on the e-commerce front there was an increase (of 1-2 percentage points compared to 2019) in the indicators compared to pre-purchase online searches (from 86% to 87%) and actual purchase of products from any device (from 75% to 77%).

With the arrival of the summer season above all, people went back to their favorite restaurants to share a dinner with friends, to travel, to train in the gym, always and strictly in compliance with social distancing. The change in habits of millions of Italians has not only affected the management of their free time but also the management of purchases – perhaps preferring the online shop to the physical store. Despite the apparent return to the so-called normality, it is evident that the sociality and the way people interact are continuing to change and with them the economic scenario.

In fact, those who have discovered the benefits offered by digitization and online channels are increasingly convinced that they want to continue to use them in the future, as evidenced by the survey conducted by Kamaleoon, a platform for A/B testing, AI customization and predictive targeting. Thanks to these elements, in fact, we are able to stay connected with everything that surrounds us and to dedicate ourselves to our favorite activities, obviously in absolute safety. For these reasons, e-commerce and social networks, in particular, they are establishing themselves as real online trend, experiencing record growth. It therefore happens that companies are adopting all the necessary tools to be able to keep up with this evolution.

Brands have finally understood the advantages deriving from the combination of these two tools, finally orienting their business in the direction of social commerce. Also according to the We Are Social report, 35 million Italians are present and active on social channels and who on average spend 1 hour and 57 minutes there. It is therefore evident that we spend most of our day online and this undoubtedly influences many aspects of our life, even our purchasing choices.

Consequently, companies ride this online trend and invest in targeted marketing strategies, focusing on elements considered important by consumers such as brand reputation. Such choices also determine a reduction in investments in influencer marketing, which therefore finds itself playing a more marginal role. This also happens because users, spending more time on social media, have developed a more critical attitude, especially towards products sponsored by well-known personalities. In fact, they prefer content created by so-called organic influencers, real users chosen because their content reveals passion and authenticity. The interaction between users that derives from this type of content contributes to making the product and the brand more credible as it is perceived as real and coming from someone who can be trusted.

Unlike traditional and well-known influencers, organic influencers have chosen that product, have actually bought it and spontaneously decided to share their shopping experience with other users. The result? the establishment of a real relationship of trust between consumers and the brand, and the consequent growth of its brand awareness.

Worldz and its e-commerce booster are based precisely on the importance of organic influencers and on social commerce, capable of transforming users into real ambassadors on social networks, regarding the products and brands they really choose and buy. Worldz’s behavioral overlay, an interactive popup, engages users and encourages them to complete the purchase through a personalized discount proportional to their social popularity. Once landed on the favorite online shop, the user must log in to their Facebook or Instagram profile through the Worldz overlay, find out the economic value associated with their popularity, and share the shopping experience on their social profile to automatically unlock the discount in the cart.

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