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Online discounts are a strategic marketing tool that can incentivize purchases

16 June 2020



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Online discounts are a strategic marketing tool that can incentivize purchases. Thanks to Worldz, find out how to offer your customers a personalized discount and increase conversions on your online shop.

Before talking about online discounts as a strategic marketing tool, let’s focus on the new context in which business realities are immersed. The lockdown and consequently the long days spent at home literally made online sales soar. As shown  by Netcomm data, new online consumers have even tripled, in the period between January and May, reaching 1.3 million customers.

According to what emerged from an American study by Slickdeals, in recent months there has also been a 10% increase in the so-called compulsive online shopping. If it is true that most consumers have opted for purchases of basic necessities and food, others have instead indulged themselves by buying that bag or pair of shoes, desired for some time.

But for clothing and accessories there is a fundamental detail to take into consideration: most of these purchases were made on impulse and involved pieces that consumers had been keeping an eye on for some time but to encourage the purchase was, also and above all, the presence of online discounts.

In fact, when it comes to non-essential goods such as fashion or beauty, we focus on the selling price. In fact, according to the aforementioned study, most of the interviewees stressed that they were attracted by the possibility of being able to buy at an advantageous price, thanks to a discount or special offer. Online discounts or discount coupons are a strategic marketing tools: on the one hand they push users who are browsing online to buy – and in the case of customers who have already made a purchase previously, to encourage further purchases – on the other hand they also allow small and medium-sized companies to be able to compete with giants in the e-commerce sector such as Amazon or Ebay.

In fact, in the era of online shopping, the use of discount codes proves to be an important marketing strategy by the brand, able to allow an increase in conversion rates on sales, the ability to track the customers who have used it and then create a database of contacts and finally encourage loyalty.

Providing discount codes within your e-commerce could have a positive effect to restart even those sectors, which have suffered the most from the disadvantages of the lockdown. Thanks also to social channels, it is possible to increase the visibility of the brand and consequently the sales. In recent years, two new influencer figures are increasingly establishing themselves: organic and nano influencers, who create authentic content as their shopping experience is real, without any agreement with the reference brand. In this way the company is able to obtain spontaneous mentions, generated by the interaction between users, and to connect with the target customer reference.

And it is precisely on these aspects – the strategic role of discount codes and micro influencers, that the innovativeness and proprietary technology of Worldz are based.

Worldz, is an e-commerce software capable of transforming users into real brand ambassadors, granting personalized discounts, calculated on the basis of the user’s social popularity. Through the behavioral overlay, Worldz is able to engage users who are visiting that site or who have entered the desired products in the shopping cart, but decide to leave the site without having completed it first.

The user is encouraged to complete the purchase through a personalized discount based on his social popularity. It will be sufficient to log in to your Facebook or Instagram profile through the Worldz overlay to know the economic value of the discount. The user will have to share the shopping experience on their social profile to automatically unlock the discount in the cart.

The contents created are perceived by users as a recommendation from a friend, based on a product and a brand that they have voluntarily chosen and then purchased. If you still don’t know what Worldz is and if you want to find out more, contact us.