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Digital shops and new business opportunities

20 July 2021



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Here’s how to find new business opportunities within the renewed scenario of online sales

In the context of digital shops, it seems that every aspect of the sales process has evolved, thanks to the new technologies that are populating the market and the growing diffusion of this purchasing channel. However, the centrality of the customer remains unchanged and the possibility of seeking new business opportunities where this manifests needs that can be satisfied.

  1. Customer feedback
    Surely the first need of any customer is to have a satisfying shopping experience, even and especially when it comes to online sales. According to IFS’s “Fixing the Fundamentals” analysis, after a bad experience with a brand, 36% of customers are inclined to publish their story on social media, while 46% are likely to post a negative review online. However, the customer is not only oriented towards negative feedback. A very high percentage of users (52%) are inclined to leave a positive review. This underlines how crucial it is to stimulate and incentivize satisfied customers to share their experience.
  2. The technological tools
    To build an effective shopping experience it is necessary to study, step by step, the purchase funnel in order to identify any bending moments that can interrupt and resolve them. In order to make the service offered more efficient, companies can now rely on various technological tools available on the market. In identifying and choosing the most effective and best suited to your needs, it becomes essential to avoid a generalist approach that claims that a single technological solution can, by itself, be decisive on all fronts. Rather, it is strategic to identify a selection of applications capable of optimizing one’s service, adopting a modular and punctual approach with respect to multiple needs.
  3. Service and experience first
    Choosing the right business software can make the difference between a growing business and a struggling one. And it is no longer sufficient to have systems that measure receipts or manage the sales process, but rather technologies capable of optimizing the service offered. This is because consumers tend to buy an experience rather than a physical product and to orient their purchasing choices in that direction.
  4. The Big Players of E-commerce
    We all know how to recognize an effective service when we experience it and the rise of e-commerce leaders has set standards of service that make customers increasingly demanding. The world of e-commerce worldwide is already dominated by technology, just think of giants like Amazon, digital players without boundaries that have grown by creating connections with customers that are continuous and extend well beyond a single purchase. For example, around 43% of people are much more likely to purchase subscription products, according to the IFS study, as a direct result of the rise of brands like Netflix, Spotify and Uber.

    Most companies, following the explosion of online business, are redesigning their business processes to offer a better experience to customers, proof that this is precisely the time to invest in digital to seize growing business opportunities.

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