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Everything you don’t know about Worldz! Advice on how to optimize the performance of your e-commerce

18 May 2020



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Strategies and advice on how to optimize the performance of your e-commerce, maximizing the effectiveness of Worldz

In a highly globalized market, many Italian companies have developed e-commerce solutions to be more competitive and to increase their business. Online purchases are growing exponentially and the main objective of brands is to offer customers a positive shopping experience, through technologies and personalized purchasing paths.

To be successful it is not enough, only, to combine an e-commerce with the traditional physical store, but it is necessary not to make mistakes and to choose systems and software that give a real advantage to your platform. This is why many of you have decided to adopt the proprietary technology of Worldz, a social commerce platform which, thanks to a proprietary algorithm, allows each user to obtain a personalized discount for making online purchases.

Thanks to the interaction with the behavioral overlay of Worldz, the user can calculate the economic value of the discount, linked to its social popularity (Facebook and Instagram). To unlock the discount automatically in the cart, simply share the shopping experience on your social profile.

We have compiled below a list of “ Do and Donts” tips to help you maximize the effectiveness of Worldz, thus improving the performance and conversion rates on your e-commerce.

Within the Worldz dashboard, the merchant has the ability to customize and set the discount percentages that users can take advantage of on the site. The Worldz personalized discount – calculated on the basis of an algorithm that measures the social popularity of a user – is an additional discount, so it would be preferable not to insert additional discounts, which could conflict with those offered through Worldz. If, on the other hand, there are fixed discounts on e-commerce, it would be advisable to set a higher Worldz discount percentage. In fact, if the user could choose whether to get any other discount (even greater), without having to share his shopping experience, he would tend to conclude the purchase without interacting with the overlay and would still get the discount.

Copy Overlay Worldz
While browsing the site, the user will have the opportunity to interact with the behavioral overlay of Worldz. These are intelligent and interactive popups that guide the customer through all the phases of the funnel with the aim of inducing him to conclude the purchase. The copies present within the Worldz Overlay contain clear information and messages that adapt to the user’s behavior at that specific moment, during that specific phase of navigation. The contents that appear have obtained the highest engagement rate and for this reason, our advice is not to modify them. There is a risk of entering too much information which could create confusion for the customer.

Overlay Worldz
On the occasion of particular holidays or anniversaries such as Christmas or Black Friday, user purchases increase exponentially, even on online sites. Our advice is to exploit, even in these particular circumstances, the concrete advantage that Worldz can give to your business. This tool can be useful to beat the competition and induce users to prefer your e-shop – within which they can take advantage of a personalized discount – rather than another e-commerce that is not able to offer them a similar possibility.

Leads Generation
The social login within the Worldz overlay actually entails an advantage both for the customer – who is thus recognized a discount calculated on the basis of his social popularity – and for the merchant – who succeeds, through user profiling, to collect useful information for your business. Profiling, through Facebook and Instagram, allows you to collect specific information about your customers (age, gender, email, telephone number, etc.). In this way it is possible to identify target groups on which to calibrate marketing strategies and social campaigns and thus lower the related costs. Such data also allow you to study your customer base and understand through which communication you can involve them more.

Worldz is a software capable of increasing the probability of conversion within the e-shop parter. By activating campaigns, for example on Facebook, to bring traffic to the site, the company has the possibility – through Worldz – to engage users, offering them a discount in exchange for a simple sharing. Furthermore, the activated campaigns will be able to convert higher percentages of users precisely because the latter already come from social channels and therefore are more likely to use these platforms.

Guaranteed minimum additional discount
Within their dashboard, the merchant has the possibility to also provide a guaranteed additional discount. This is a discount – not mandatory – which aims to encourage all users to purchase, even those who may not be given a discount due to the low popularity on social networks. The inclusion of this particular discount will increase the chances that the user concludes the purchase without leaving the cart or the site.

Worldz information materials
Through tools such as newsletters or social channels, it is advisable to send information materials to your users and customers to inform them of the possibility of buying on your e-shop, taking advantage of a particular personalized discount. The use of Worldz is really intuitive but in this way it will be possible to inform all customers in advance and facilitate their interaction with the behavioral overlay.

If you haven’t done it yet, what are you waiting for? Run to your Worldz Dashboard, follow our advice and make your e-commerce even more performing with Worldz! Visit our website or contact us to find out more.