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Customer expectations for e-commerce are growing

19 January 2021



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Omnichannel makes customers increasingly demanding and aware of the experience they want to live on e-commerce. With Worldz you can make a difference.

“How slow is this site”, “but will it be reliable?”: surely these expressions will sound familiar to anyone who has interacted with an e-commerce that is not effective and not optimized. Until a few months ago, online shopping was considered a “niche” shopping channel, perhaps preferred more by Millennials. Today we talk instead of a real trend, preferred and also chosen by other categories of users as Boomer and Generation X.

The e-commerce boom was certainly favored by the particular circumstances we live in but the evolution of consumer habits has had an equally decisive influence. A greater use of technology (mobile devices and computers) and a different management of their free and working time have pushed more and more users to an omnichannel approach, and often to prefer online sales channels. (Re)discovering its usefulness has made consumers more demanding and looking for a site that is easily understandable , searchable and pleasant to use.

This evolution means that, in Italy, 68% of consumers require companies to enhance their digital capabilities and transform faster (Source: Salesforce). In fact, if before omnichannel and digitalization were considered a prerogative for a few, today it is the sine qua non for growing your business . By guaranteeing personalized shopping experiences and engaging interaction, the company demonstrates its intention to diversify and make the service offered unique.

Innovation for companies today resides in the ability to preserve their distinctive features but by approaching cutting-edge technologies. To respond to this need in the e-commerce field, there is Worldz, an e-commerce software capable of maximizing its online performance.

In a few simple clicks, Worldz’s innovative software can: 1. transform your e-commerce into a social commerce; 2. offer a totally personalized navigation; 3. increase the reliability of your site. Thanks to its completely customizable interface, Worldz offers your customers a simple, intuitive and engaging browsing experience: the behavioral overlay of Worldz in fact provides the user with a series of useful information to accompany him during the purchase funnel:

Social Login: through the social login (Facebook or Instagram), the user discovers the economic value associated with their social popularity and just share the shopping experience on their profile profile to take advantage of their personalized discount.

User Friends: the user will see within the overlay, which and how many users have already used the Worldz discount and, if the user logs in, which of these users belong to his or her circle of friends

Social Product: a function that allows the consumer to obtain more information on the products suggested within the Worldz interface: the number of people who have purchased, visited or shared them.