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6 Must Haves for your e-commerce

8 June 2021



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Do you want to boost your online business? Find out which actions are real must haves in the e-commerce business

Combining the physical store with an e-commerce is strategic for the business of a company that wants to establish itself in the current economic scenario but at the same time keep up with the times. The dizzying growth of e-commerce has led to an equally significant increase in competition. To carve out a privileged position, it is essential that companies distinguish themselves by seeking innovative strategies capable of attracting more users to their e-commerce and consequently increasing sales volumes.

Here are 6 aspects we recommend you invest in:

  1. Build customer loyalty

    The trust of its customers is today one of the elements at the basis of the success of an e-commerce. Reducing the initial distrust of consumers can greatly increase the chances of converting them into customers. Offering advantages is an excellent incentive that can not only convince the user to proceed with the purchase (if undecided), but above all to be preferred, even for subsequent purchases, over another competitor. With Worldz, e-commerce companies have the opportunity to offer personalized credit to their customers. Through the integration of social login (Facebook or Instagram), in fact, Worldz calculates the economic value of their social popularity and returns a proportional credit for shopping, in exchange for a social post of the user in which he shares his experience.

  2. Acquire leads via your website

    In order to increase the traffic on your e-commerce and consequently your sales, it is important to invest in marketing strategies capable of intercepting your target users. The use of digital tools can certainly support you in profiling users who land on e-commerce and who have shown interest in your products. Through the acquisition of personal data (such as age, e-mail, telephone or purchasing habits) it is possible to intercept a potentially interested user and increase the likelihood that he will finalize a purchase. Thanks to the Worldz social login, companies can profile their traffic and obtain personal data useful for optimizing their online marketing activities.

  3. Intercept new targets via social media

    Among the contents most appreciated by companies are user generated content (UGC), i.e. content created and spontaneously shared by users. Authenticity is the winning and at the same time characterizing element of these contents and companies have understood how effective they can be. The interaction between users that derives from these contents contributes not only to “make known” the Brand but to make it perceive as reliable because it is recommended by someone who spontaneously decided to buy and “review” it. Through the contents shared on social networks by your customers with Worldz, you can reach new potential customers and at the same time contribute to the growth of your Brand Awareness. With Worldz you can generate positive word of mouth among your satisfied customers and your circle of friends and followers on social networks.

  4. Increase sales through upselling and cross-selling

    Upselling and cross-selling strategies often prove to be very beneficial for companies. In this way, the customer is offered the opportunity to purchase complementary products to those he is already interested in, and the company has the opportunity to see the cart amounts grow. With Worldz you can accompany the user throughout the funnel, providing them with personalized messages and recommending additional or complementary products to users, before they complete the purchase.

  5. Reduce abandoned carts

    Often users decide to stop browsing because that site may not be easily navigable, they cannot find the information or products they are looking for or they are unable to navigate effectively from mobile. Companies are therefore focusing heavily on the shopping experience offered, in order to make the stay on the site pleasant and reduce cart abandonment rates. Also in this case Worldz is able to be of support, keeping the user engaged while browsing your shop and contacting him via email, SMS and Facebook notifications, should he abandon the cart.

  6. Optimize the SEO of your shop

    To optimize the performance of an e-commerce it is also necessary to plan an SEO strategy, which is essential to grow both site traffic and sales. An e-commerce that is not optimized for SEO will not appear in the first pages of search engines and therefore it will be more difficult for users to reach it. In addition, consumers trust e-commerce they know and / or talk about well, often searching online for reviews of those who have bought before them. Thanks to Worldz and users’ social sharing, e-commerce have the opportunity to improve the indexing of their products on search engines. They will also have the opportunity to add their products to the Worldz Social Marketplace, a showcase and a product aggregator that can contribute to the visibility and SEO of your content.

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