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5 tips to prepare your e-commerce for Christmas shopping

6 December 2021



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Discover how to prepare your e-commerce for Christmas shopping with Worldz

Once the events of Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over, it’s time for Merchants to face the last challenge of 2021: preparing their e-commerce for Christmas shopping and not being found unprepared.

If Christmas 2020 was marked by a rush to online shopping, with a 50% increase in sales, the 2021 holiday shopping season will be no different. In fact, Salesforce’s quarterly report still predicts a record-breaking Christmas 2021 and digital sales will once again exceed $1 trillion globally.

So it’s critical to optimize your shop’s performance during the most hectic shopping period of the year. Here, then, are five tips businesses can use to prepare for Christmas shopping, ensuring an engaging customer experience and increasing their sales volumes with Worldz.

  1. Economic advantage
    To encourage customers to buy and attract new leads, it is advisable to plan attractive discounts and promotions. With Worldz each shop has the possibility to offer a dedicated credit, evaluated through the social popularity of the user. Integrating the social login on your shop, our software is able to calculate the economic value of the social popularity of each user and offer a personalized credit, in exchange for sharing a social post that refers to the chosen product.
  2. Social Commerce
    The integration between e-commerce and social media
    can actually increase the likelihood of reaching and attracting new leads, increasing revenue. Worldz can help you turn your e-commerce into a Social Commerce by integrating social features into its platform, giving users the opportunity to share their shopping experience via a social post. In addition, he can find out which of his friends have already used the service and which products are the most popular in the store among his circles of contacts.
  3. Social proof
    The purchasing decisions
    made by users are also dictated by the shopping experience of other consumers they trust. This trend is also confirmed by a recent report by the London Research Insitute: for 39% of respondents, online word of mouth is the most trusted source of information. Through Worldz’s social login, users share their purchase with friends and followers, recommending products with a post and generating positive word of mouth for your e-commerce.
  4. Marketing Automation
    A common habit in the customer journey is abandoning the cart without completing the purchase. With social login, Worldz profiles your website traffic and re-contacts all those who didn’t make it to check-out, through remarketing actions, emails, social notifications and sms.
  5. Mobile Responsive
    It’s crucial to ensure that every user can do their holiday shopping wherever they are. For this reason, it is advisable to make sure that your e-commerce guarantees a user friendly navigation also from tablets and smartphones. From this point of view, the Worldz overlay is easily usable even from mobile, accompanying the user at every stage of purchase, until checkout.

Do you want to prepare your e-commerce to the Christmas shopping together with Worldz? Contact us now to discover the Christmas promotion.