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3 tips to optimize the performance of your e-commerce

3 August 2021



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Find out how Worldz can support you to optimize the performance of your e-commerce

Regardless of the size of an e-commerce, the main goal is almost always to increase sales and conversions. The main causes of the poor performance of an online shop often include the low investment or the choice of a strategy that is not very focused in terms of online marketing.

Let’s find out together the most effective tools on which to invest to optimize the performance of your e-commerce.

  1. Social Network
    According to data collected by Hootsuite, the majority of users use social networks to make purchases (26.5%) or to find inspiration for products to buy (27.8%). It is therefore important to monitor these platforms in order to make themselves known and cultivate a relationship with consumers. One of the ways to achieve this goal is certainly to share content on your social page and maybe sponsor them but also and above all to encourage UGC (user generated content). By encouraging your customers to share your products or the shopping experience they have experienced on your e-commerce, you can increase awareness and trust in your Brand. In fact, as many as 91% of customers read and trust online reviews as much as buying advice exchanged in person. When potential customers see that other users have purchased the product, they are more likely to decide to finalize the purchase.

  2. Remarketing
    A tool thanks to which companies have the opportunity to re-engage customers and potential customers who may have visited the shop, with the aim of inducing them to complete the purchase or to buy again, significantly increasing the chances of conversion. This is possible thanks to profiling or tracking, activities that allow you to recontact a user in order to be able to submit personalized and relevant content.

  3. Profile your website traffic
    This will allow you to expand your database, implement personalized e-mail marketing campaigns and optimize your social advertising activities, directing your investments towards the correct target.

    With Worldz you can maximize the performance of your e-commerce, in a few simple steps, by acting on all three points just explored. Worldz, in fact, allows you to:
  • integrate the functions of social networks on your shop, transforming your e-commerce into a Social Commerce
  • offer your customers personalized shopping credit, proportional to their social popularity, in exchange for a UGC to talk about you and generate positive online word of mouth
  • recontact a user who has not completed the purchase, via email, SMS and Facebook push notification
  • profile the traffic of your website, generating complete personal data for you.

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