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2021 will be the year of e-commerce: here are the needs of retailers

9 March 2021



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With Worldz you have an innovative tool capable of improving your e-commerce performance and responding to the main needs of marketers

In the report “Social Media Trend 2021”, Hootsuite undoubtedly outlined the future trends in the social field, strategic for companies and above all for marketers who want to carve out a privileged position in the current economic scenario. The analysis consider the social changes that have influenced the habits of consumers, who are increasingly digitally educated and consequently inclined to prefer the e-commerce channel and social networks for their purchases.

The new strategies must therefore respond comprehensively and brilliantly to the different emerging needs, in fact 73% of Marketers set themselves the primary goal of increasing the acquisition of new customers through the use of social networks. Social networks seem to be today the “trait d’union” and the tool through which you can reach your target. The main social platforms used today are undoubtedly Facebook and Instagram and it is precisely on the latter that Marketers declare they want to invest in this 2021 (Instagram 61% and Facebook 46%).

The main goals that Retailers have set themselves also include growth in brand awareness (64%), conversions (45%), customer loyalty (28%), improvement of the customer experience (23%), increased advantage over competitors (18%) and insights collected (15%) (source: Hootsuite).

Many tools promise improved business performance for e-commerce. Often, to achieve this goal, they shift the focus of activities to a Marketplace, a Social Network or any other external platform. With Worldz, it is possible to integrate social functions directly within your e-commerce platform and improve your online business without having to rely on third party tools. With Worldz proprietary technology, you have a tool with multiple functions that allows you to:

1) Get conversions (leads and purchases): with the integrated Social Login that profiles traffic and offers customers a personalized credit based on the social popularity of each user, in exchange for sharing the chosen product (whose visibility pays off the credit applied)

2) Increase Brand Awareness and users: thanks to social word of mouth, generated by customers

3) Improve the Customer Experience: with a shopping experience enriched by social features that allow each user to find out which friends have already used the service or purchased a product

4) Apply Client Retention: with personalized messages based on the user’s navigation and a personalized credit

5) Improve Insights: which can be consulted from the Worldz panel which contains performances and leads

6) Get an advantage over competitors: transforming every e-commerce in a few clicks into a real Social Commerce

Worldz aims to improve your business by concentrating activities exactly where you have control: on your online shop. With our software you can benefit from the Social features by integrating them directly into the platform and receive the visibility of a Marketplace, maintaining the checkout on your store.