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Worldz & Black Friday: the winning combination to optimize sales on your e-commerce

20 October 2020



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Black Friday is coming! Don’t be caught unprepared, you just have to discover the features of Worldz for your online shop

In recent years, the month of November is characterized by being one of the times of the year most awaited by consumers and companies: in fact it is considered a profitable month for both categories, thanks to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Starting from this month there is generally an exponential increase in online sales volumes, thanks to promotions and discounts, which are attractive to all shopping addicts.

According to the data collected by Gfk, consumers continue to be very inclined to make online purchases today, so much so that 1 in 2 Italians (about 54%) says they intend to take advantage of the Black Friday 2020 promotions. These promotional events are an appointment much awaited by consumers, both in Italy and in other countries, as they represent an opportunity to do business at a good price and why not carry on with the much feared Christmas gifts. Gfk also collected the data that emerged last year on the occasion of Black Friday 2019, and about 37% of Italians had taken advantage of the various promotions, with an average receipt of 180 euros.

In view of the next promotional events, such as Black Friday, there will be significant peaks in accesses and volumes on your shop, it is therefore strategic to resort to marketing tools and strategies, able to really influence the consumer’s purchase choice and direct your preference on your e-commerce over the competition.

Worldz‘s proprietary technology can make a difference in this context, offering its e-commerce partners an innovative tool capable of increasing sales conversions and profiling the customers of the shops that have chosen and installed it. However, it is important to use our technology in the most correct way. Since Worldz, among its features, offers the possibility to generate personalized discounts for users, it is the ideal tool to manage the promotions of your e-commerce.

In fact, promotional activities related to Black Friday (or Cyber Monday) are not to be considered external to the ongoing activity carried out with our software (in fact, it is not necessary to proceed with the deactivation of the Worldz overlay). Indeed it is essential to keep our service active to:

  • use Worldz to optimize and personalize promotional activities
  • reduce abandoned carts at a time of increased site traffic
  • profile the new target of users who land on the digital shop.

Here’s how to integrate Black Friday promotional activities with our software:

  1. you can incorporate the Black Friday promo within the Worldz discount , setting the value of the promotion as a guaranteed minimum discount for all users and leaving Worldz a variable 5% margin for customizing the discount on individual users. For example, if you want to make a 20% discount available to all consumers for a given period, you set it as a guaranteed minimum discount. The discount can reach a maximum of 25% for the most popular users, based on the calculation of the Worldz algorithm.
  2. If, on the other hand, it is not sustainable to add the two discounts (Black Friday + Worldz promo), it is still possible to insert the promo discount within Worldz , setting the value of the Black Friday promo minus that of the Worldz discount as the minimum guaranteed discount. For example 20% discount on the BF promo minus 5% on the Worldz discount. So the guaranteed minimum discount will be 15%, while the most popular users can take advantage of a discount up to 20%.

If gadgets are also provided, it is possible to view, again through the Worldz dashboard (or directly from your CMS), which consumers have purchased with the specific promo, in order to be able to associate the gadget with them when ordering or the associated free product.

To promote the Black Friday discounts using Worldz, we recommend that you include an advertising banner on your site through which you can inform users who, by interacting with the overlay, will be able to redeem their discount. Furthermore, the ad hoc customization of the overlay copy can certainly be an additional tool to guide the user during the shopping experience.

Worldz also has a BLACK FRIDAY PROMO designed for you!
If you are already a customer and have already activated a Smart plan or upgrade to a Smart plan or higher, you can request unlimited leads from our accounts for the month of November.

If you have not yet tested our software, on the occasion of Black Friday, you can take advantage of a special promo dedicated to new customers. With the Black Friday Promo, by activating Worldz you can take advantage of a free trial period and, by activating a Smart package, you will be able to receive unlimited leads for the entire month of November.