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Worldz and Tradedoubler: a strategic partnership is underway to increase your online business

24 November 2020



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Today, companies are constantly looking for tools that can make them more competitive on the market and in a position to achieve increasingly stimulating business objectives. In a constantly evolving context, digital marketing plays a decisive role, a tool with great potential capable of increasing your online business

Tradedoubler, a leading international company in the field of Digital Performance Marketing , has entered into a partnership with Worldz with the aim of expanding the range of services for its customers. Thanks to this partnership, Tradedoubler can offer a completely innovative service, as Worldz is the only software capable of transforming any e-commerce into a Social Commerce with a few clicks, integrating the interactive features of social networks on online shopping platforms. Discover Worldz to boost your online business!

“We believe that the collaboration between Tradedoubler and a Social Booster platform like Worldz further contributes to expanding the range of digital activities that we offer to our customers every day, to increase their online business. The partnership with a start-up with a strong social component strengthens Tradedoubler vocation as a company oriented towards technological innovation”, explains Maria Grazia Ferrari, Partnership Development Director of Tradedoubler .

To tell you more about our partner, we did a short interview with Sara Centemero, Country Manager Tradedoubler Italy who told us more about Tradedoubler, the advantages it offers and the opportunities of the post lockdown scenario.

When and with what tools did you establish yourself in the affiliate marketing sector?
“Tradedoubler was born as a tracking platform that allows advertisers to build relationships with thousands of affiliates and offer publishers a wide range of services. We have established ourselves on the market not only thanks to the fact that we were the pioneers of a world like that of affiliation, but also thanks to continuous research and investment in new technologies and developments, to always offer our customers the best solutions for their business. ”

What advantages does Tradedoubler provide compared to other affiliate networks on the market?
“Tradedoubler offers customized solutions, as there is no one solution suitable for everyone and for this reason we study the needs of our customers and provide tailor-made solutions based on their Digital Marketing strategy. Thanks to 360 ° consultancy in Digital Performance Marketing, we guarantee our Clients an expertise to provide complete advice on all Performance Marketing tools, to maximize ROI and achieve objectives. We also provide our customers with proprietary technology, market leader, and we constantly invest and research new technologies / solutions / partnerships in order to expand the offer for our customers and look to the future with a view to innovation. Finally, the customer is supported by a Team of Experts, from Sales to Digital Performance Manager, from Publisher to Technical Manager to support him throughout the growth path of his business.

What challenges and opportunities await you, especially in this new post-lockdown scenario?
“Our biggest challenge is to redesign the way we work with our Customers and Publishers, providing them with technologically advanced solutions, such as our new As a Service Technology for SMEs, which allows them to independently manage their network, allowing even the smallest companies to work through the affiliate channel. Tradedoubler has taken these changes as a great opportunity: we are therefore not just an affiliate network, but we present ourselves on the market with a strengthened 360° value proposition and two new Sales and Performance Marketing teams, thanks to which we can offer solutions, technologies and skills to all our customers and on all digital strategies”.