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Word of Mouth (WOM): word of mouth is more effective than advertising

19 March 2018



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Word of Mouth (WOM): Users who talk about a brand are more effective than advertising

Is there a relationship between the personal content we share on social networks and purchasing behaviors? The answer is yes. A quarter of purchasing decisions are influenced by content hosted on social networks. According to an analysis by Sprout Social, 79% of people choose social media to share moments of their life with friends and relatives. The reason for the choice is obvious: the ease and speed with which it is possible to do it. This data therefore supports the effectiveness of WOM (Word of Mouth) Marketing strategies that are based on word of mouth, or the human need to share information with those around us.

Where is it that consumers are looking for inspiration for their purchases? Facebook continues to reign supreme, followed by Pinterest and Youtube. There are occasions when consumers are more likely to share their brand-related experiences – during holidays, travel, and family time. However, endorsements of this type are increasingly rare and precious, so much so that in marketing strategies it is essential to include ambassador recruitment mechanics, which stimulate users to share their consumer experiences.

One last question: why do users share moments of daily life on social media? Informing your network and sharing useful information are among the reasons for the podium.

In fact, the mention of the brand serves to recommend it to one’s network of contacts. So summarizing: what our contacts experience and share on Facebook influences our purchasing choices.

This makes WOM (Word of Mouth) Marketing an effective strategy that should be included in a brand’s growth plans. Like? With Worldz.

Worldz is an e-commerce booster that turns customers into ambassadors, granting personalized discounts based on a user’s popularity in exchange for sharing the shopping experience on Facebook.
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