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What will be the digital marketing trends of this 2021?

2 March 2021



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Discover, according to Worldz, the new digital marketing trends that could improve your e-commerce

The evolution towards digital is now continuous: companies and consumers are increasingly oriented towards digitization and therefore ready to discover new tools and channels. If on the one hand this predisposition is influencing the purchasing behavior of consumers, on the other, brands are studying and researching innovative strategies in digital marketing. Let’s find out the new trends that will characterize this 2021.

1) Native Advertising: this type of advertising (thanks to the content that characterizes it) is able to generate interest in users, contributing to the growth of brand awareness. For example, thanks to Worldz technology, the customer of an e-commerce can share their shopping experience directly on their social profile (Facebook and Instagram). The result? Thanks to the shared post, a positive organic word of mouth is created that can influence new prospects, resulting in an increase in the performance of the shop. The success of content of this type lies precisely in the search by consumers for an authentic suggestion.

2) User experience or virtual assistants: in recent months, limited access to physical stores has meant that companies have strengthened their online offer, in order to ensure a personalized and engaging shopping experience. For this reason, the use of virtual assistants has become widespread in order to assist and accompany the user during the purchase. Thanks to its fully customizable interface, Worldz offers users a simple, intuitive and engaging browsing experience. The behavioral overlay of Worldz, an intelligent window that interacts in a personalized way with the user based on his behavior on the website, provides the user with a series of useful information to guide him during the purchase funnel: from the possibility of obtaining one personalized social discount, social login and automated sharing, until you discover which and how many friends have already used the Worldz discount or purchased a specific product.

3) Investments in ADV: we know how today social networks are a widely spread and used tool, both by consumers and by companies. Presiding over these channels means not only making your brand known but also reaching new customers. In this way, a company can not only expand its target but also purchase conversions and therefore, consequently, sales volumes. Worldz has revolutionized the concept of advertising, offering e-commerce partners the ability to track users who land on the site, generating profiled and targeted leads. Through the social login, present within the Worldz overlay, the shop can collect useful information (such as name, surname, email, age and gender) and thus carry out marketing campaigns.

In this new digital scenario, the watchword for companies will therefore be authenticity because it is the kind of content and relationships that users are looking for. With Worldz’s proprietary technology, you can install software in a few simple clicks that can revolutionize the shopping experience within your e-commerce.