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What characteristics make the e-commerce strategy successful?

14 September 2021



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With Worldz you make your e-commerce strategy differentiating, carving out an advantage over your competitors

Distinguishing your e-commerce from competitors can be strategic and to do so it is important to understand what the users of your site want. What the user expects to find is certainly a navigation that lives up to his expectations: to meet this need, first of all, one must ask oneself how it can be made simple and reliable and consequently identify the most suitable strategy.

It is important not to overload the user with information because in this way you risk making your search complex. In fact, a confused customer could, with high probability, leave the site and not complete the purchase. The solution? Provide customers with clear and above all effective information to facilitate their decisions and the purchasing process. The Behavioral Overlay of Worldz, an intelligent navigation window that interacts with personalized messages, can support you in this direction, offering you the possibility to reserve an improved and tailor-made User Experience, which takes into account the behavior of the user, of his products. favorites etc. Through a dialog box, your customers can then interact with a smart and intuitive interface that accompanies them throughout the funnel with relevant messages, based on their navigation.

Another aspect, which is sometimes overlooked, is the user’s motivation towards the purchase. Identifying the drivers that lead a prospect to become an actual buyer can help the company offer a better service and find the right ways to meet the consumer’s needs. To facilitate familiarization with the website, Worldz offers not only the possibility of a social login but also to receive a personalized credit to complete the shopping, simply by sharing the favorite product. It is precisely the sharing of customers, on their social profiles, that makes the difference, offering the company the opportunity to increase its awareness and above all to intercept and reach new potential customers, thanks to the positive word of mouth generated online.

Consumers are now increasingly demanding and aware of what influences their preferences. It is important to know how to direct and persuade them to prefer their shop within a pool of alternatives and for this reason companies must invest more and more in digital tools, capable of improving the performance of their platform. With Worldz, you have an innovative tool capable of enhancing and making the strategy of an e-commerce differentiating.

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